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UGUST -  SEPTEMBER    (new  format)

  • Committees/Subcommittees

    53rd Session of the IMO Subcommittee on Safety of Navigation (NAV)
    London, 23-27 July 2007.

  • Regional Hydrographic Commissions

    8th Meeting of the South West pacific Hydrographic Commission (SWPHC)
    Papeete, Tahiti, 19-20 September 2007.

  • Working Groups

    WEND Task Group on ENC Coverage
    Paris, France, 30 August 2007.

    8th Standardisation of Nautical Publications Working Group (SNPWG) Meeting
    IHB, Monaco, 3-7 September 2007.

  • Conferences

    ICA 23rd International Cartographic Conference; General Assembly and Exhibition.
    Moscow, Russia, 4-9 August 2007.

  • Hydrographers

    Romania -  D.Sc. Captain Romeo Gh. Bosneagu, since July 2007.

    Colombia - Rear Admiral Jairo Javier Peña Gómez, since August 2007.

    Spain -  Captain Francisco José Pérez Carrillo de Albornoz.

  • Visits to IHB

    Visit of the Executive Secretary of COMNAP
    1st August 2007.

    IHB visited by a delegation of Cameroon
    22 August 2007.

  • Information of Interest

    New IHB Directing Committee
    Monaco, 1st of September 2007.

-  NOVEMBER   (new  format)

  • Committees/Commissions

    9th Meeting of the IHO Commission on Promulgation of Radio Navigational Warnings (CPRNW)
    IHB, 11-14 September 2007.

    83rd Session of the IMO Maritime Safety Committee (MSC)
    Copenhagen, Denmark, 3-12 October 2007.

    8th Tidal Committee Meeting (IHOTC)
    Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada , 23-26 October 2007.

    Extraordinary Meeting of the Committee on Worldwide ENC Database (WEND)
    IHB, 30 October 2007.

    25th ISO/Tecnical Committee 211 Working Group and Plenary Meetings
    Xi'an, China, 29 October - 2 November 2007.

    14th ABLOS Business Meeting
    Dubrovnik, Croatia, 30-31 October 2007.

    CHRIS 19 and ECDIS Stakeholders' Forum
    Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 5-9 November 2007.

  • Regional Hydrographic Commissions

    8th Meso-American and Caribbean Sea Hydrographic Commission Conference  (MACHC)
    Niteroi, Brazil, 8-10 October 2007.

    Report of the 15th Meeting of the Mediterranean and Black Seas Regional Hydrographic Commission (MBSHC)
    Malta, 22-24 October 2007.

  • Capacity Building

    NIOHC and RSAHC Workshop on Phase 1 Capacity Building
    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 13-14 November 2007.

  • Working Groups

    3rd Meeting of the S-44 Working Group.
    Helsinki, Finland, 18-21 September 2007.

  • Other bodies

    6th FIG Regional Conference.
    San José, Costa Rica, 12-15 November 2007.

    25th IMO Assembly.
    London, 19-30 November 2007.

  • Training

    Second Maritime Safety Information (MSI) Training Course.
    Maputo, Mozambique, 13-15 November 2007.

  • Information of Interest

    Anniversary of the "Istituto Idrografico della Marina"
    St. Georges Palace, Genova, Italy, 8 October 2007.

    The IHB Directing Committee visits the City Hall of Beausoleil
    2 November 2007.

    National Day of Monaco festivities
    19 November 2007.

EMBER   (new  format)

  • Committees/Commissions

    24th GEBCO Guiding Committee (GGC) Meeting
    IOC Offices, Paris, 7-8 November 2007.

    7th Meeting of the IHO Hydrographic Commission on Antarctica (HCA)
    Buenos Aires, Argentina, 3-5 October 2007.

  • IHB  Visits

    IHB Visit to Suriname
    5-6 December 2007.

  • Hydrographers

    Appointment of the new Hydrographer of the SHOA
    December 2007.

  • Information of Interest

    Official launch of Indonesian ENCs
    Jakarta, Indonesia, 11 December 2007.