IHO S-58 Edition 6.1 Test Datasets


S-58 specifies the minimum checks that producers of ENC validation tools should include in their validation software. The checks have been compiled from checks provided by a number of Hydrographic Offices and software companies. S-58 was previously Appendix B.1, Annex C of S-57 Edition 3.1.  Validation software that include these checks must be used by Hydrographic Offices to help ensure that their ENC data are compliant with the S-57, Appendix B.1 ENC Product Specification.

S-58 TestDataSets-master.zip Zip archive containing S-58 Edition 6.1 test datasets and associated documents. (All datasets are in the datasets folder and the documentation in the docs folder.)
S-58 Comment.doc Feedback form - users are invited to provide feedback on the datasets.