FIG/IHO/ICA International Board on Standards of Competence for Hydrographic Surveyors and Nautical Cartographers (IBSC)

39th IBSC Meeting
4-15 April 2016 (Brest, France)

Last update:21 April 2016

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Meeting Documents

IBSC39-01 Logistics Information (Annex A - Annex B - Annex C - Annex D)


1) download Annex B in order to fill in the information. Right click the link and select "Save link as". You will not be able to see the content in your browser.

2) fill the first two sections only (do not sign). Here is the translations of these two sections:
a) renseignements personnels
- Nom = name
- Prénoms = firstname
- Date et lieu de naissance : date and place of birth
- Nationalité à la naissance : nationality at birth
- Domicile actuel = your address (where you live)
- Domicile antérieur = the address before (if less than 5 years)

b) renseignements professionnels
- Grade ou qualité = rank, job title
- Emploi et fonctions exercées = job and position.

If you do not succeed in opening the attached file, then write all that in the email and send it to

IBSC39-02 Agenda and Timetable (Rev. 2)