IHO - IAG Advisory Board on the Law of the Sea (ABLOS)
25th Business Meeting

Doha, Qatar
22 & 25 October 2018 

Post Meeting Documents:   [Report]   [Photo]                                           Last updated      14 May 2019

Document No

Document Title

ABLOS25 Invitation Letter ABLOS25 Letter of Invitation
ABLOS25 Registration Form Registration Form (Word Version)
ABLOS25 Registration Form Registration Form (pdf Version)
ABLOS25-02 Programmes for ABLOS25 BM and Seminar v4.0
ABLOS25-06 Draft Agenda v2.0
ABLOS25-07.1 ABLOS BM24 Minutes
ABLOS25-07.2 ABLOS Report to HSSC9
ABLOS25-07.3.1 HSSC9 Report - Extract
ABLOS25-07.3.2 HSSC9 Decision and Actions
ABLOS25-07.4 HSSC10 Decisions and Actions
ABLOS25-08 ABLOS BM24 List of Action - Updated 12 October 2018
ABLOS25-09b Current ABLOS membership status
ABLOS25-09c Capacity Building
ABLOS25-10 ABLOS9 Conference Survey Report
ABLOS25-10c.1 ABLOS Conference Fund Guidelines
ABLOS25-10c.2 ABLOS Fund Status
ABLOS25-15 Work Plan 2019-2020
ABLOS25-18 Draft Agenda BM26
ABLOS25-List of Participants List of Participants
ABLOS25-Seminar Presentations.zip