ABLOS Tutorials & Conference
"Marine Scientific Research and the Law of the Sea:
The Balance Between Coastal States and International Rights"

10-12 October 2005

International Hydrographic Bureau, Principality of Monaco.

Conference Photograph


Monday 10th October


Tutorial Presentations
Tim Daniels Introduction: Fundamentals of UNCLOS Article 76
Graeme Blick & Lars Sjoberg Basic Geodetic Concepts
Chris Carleton Territorial Sea Baselines, Maritime Zones, & Maritime Boundaries
Carlo Dardengo & Ron Macnab Measurement of Bathymetry, Morphology, & Sediment Thickness
Lindsay Parson & Chris Carleton Formula and Constraint Lines
Ron Macnab & Lindsay Parson

The CLCS and the Coastal State's Submission (Part 1)

The CLCS and the Coastal State's Submission (Part 2)


Tuesday 11th October


Chairman Chris Rizos Session 1
Neil Guy "Rights & Responsibilities - Time for a Rethink?"
Tim Daniel - Kendall Freeman, UK "Legal Aspects of Marine Scientific Research (MSR) and Part XIII of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS)"
Kaare Bangert - Scandinavian Institute of Oil Law and Maritime Law, Norway "Enforcement of the International Rules of Maritime Research on the Continental Shelf: The Existing Framework and Need for New Approaches"
Ian McLachlan - Petroleum Agency, South Africa "Marine Scientific Research a South African Experience of UNCLOS Part XIII"
Chairman Ron Macnab Session 2
Karen Scott - University of Nottingham, UK "Marine Scientific Research in the Southern Ocean"
Daniel Owen - Fenners Chambers, UK "Legal Aspects of Marine Scientific Research Involving Sound Production"
David Ong - Essex University, UK "Marine Scientific Research in the Outer Continental Shelf"
Chairman Chris Carleton Session 3
Ronan Long - National University of Ireland, Galway "Ireland and Marine Scientific Research: The Changing Perspective of a Coastal Member State of the EU"
Sam Bateman - University of Wollongong, Australia "Hydrographic and Military Surveys in the EEZ The Path Towards Prospective Guidelines"


Wednesday 12th October


Chairman Carlo Dardengo Session 4
Andy Louch - National Oceanographic Centre, UK "Diplomatic Clearance for Marine Scientific Research Cruises"
Charlotte Breide - Solicitor, UK "The Evolving Balance Between Coastal State Rights and High Seas Freedoms: Current Developments and Future Prospects"
Philomene Verlaan - University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA "The Marine Scientific Research and Marine Environmental Protection Provisions of UNCLOS: Implications for Experimental Activities that Intentionally Perturb the Marine Environment"
Chairman Chris Rizos Session 5
Jon Mugaas - GeoCap AS, Norway "The Effects of Using Different Algorithms for Calculating the Foot of the Slope Based on the Maximum Change of Gradient"
Trent Palmer - NGA, USA "Geographic Names and UNCLOS"
Kai Sorensen - Denmark & Greenland Geological Survey, Denmark "Transparency in the Article 76 Process: State Practice in the Sharing of Technical Information Pertaining to the Development of the Outer Continental Shelf"
Chairman Shin Tani Session 6
Sobar Sutisna - BAKOSURTANAL, Indonesia "Indonesian Searching for its Continental Shelf Outer Limits"
George Newton - United States Arctic Research Commission, USA "From Arctic Ocean Research to UNCLOS, Article 76 and Back"
Yokoi Yasutaka - Ocean High Technology Institute, Japan "Technical Aspects of Marine Scientific Research for Continental Shelf Outer Limits: Advanced Method of Multi-beam Data Processing to Obtain Detailed and Precise Bathymetry"