Crowd-Sourced Bathymetry Working Group (CSBWG)

4th CSBWG Meeting
13-14 February 2017, UNH, Durham, New Hampshire, USA

Updated 14 January 2019

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CSBWG4-Invitation Letter Letter of Invitation
CSBWG4Registration Form Registration Form (Word Version)
CSBWG4-Logistic Information Logistic Information
CSBWG4-Document Template Document Template (Word version)
CSBWG4-3-Agenda CSBWG4 Draft Agenda v3.0
CSBWG4-3-Agenda CSBWG4 Draft Annotated Agenda v3.0
CSBWG4-4-Action  List List of Actions - CSBWG3 - updated 10 February 2017
CSBWG4-6 IHO CSB Guidance Document Draft v3.5
CSBWG4-9 ToRs and RoPs
CSBWG4-11 Proposed draft agenda for CSBWG5
CSBWG4-5.3 DCDB Developments Update
CSBWG4-6.11 Draft Fact Sheet
CSBWG4-INF5.1.1 Bathymetry from space
CSBWG4-INF5.1.2 Satellite derived bathymetry migration
CSBWG4-INF5.1.3 Improving satellite derived bathymetry
CSBWG4-INF5.1.4 Effective surveying tool for shallow water zones
CSBWG4-INF5.1.5 Satellite derived bathymetry
CSBWG4-INF5.1.6 Reconnaissance surveying using satellite derived bathymetry
CSBWG4-Participants CSBWG4 List of Participants