IHO Data Quality Working Group (DQWG)

6th DQWG Meeting
Silver Spring, USA (24-26 July 2012)

Last update: septembre 17, 2012

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DQWG Letter 01/2012


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DQWG6-01A List of Documents
DQWG6-01B List of Participants
DQWG6-01C DQWG Membership
DQWG6-02A rev2 Agenda
DQWG6-03A TSMAD assessment of Data Quality Proposals for S-100 register and S-101
DQWG6-02B Program
DQWG6-04A DQWG5 Minutes
DQWG6-04B Status of DQWG5 Actions
DQWG6-06A Draft mapping between S-57 M_QUAL and proposed S-101 data quality model
DQWG6-07A Report of visit to CSMART, Almere, NL (L. Dorst, 8 June 2012)
DQWG6-08A Proposals on chart quality portrayal (USM-UNH)
DQWG6-09A Existing version of ISO 19115 - Metadata (Part I)
DQWG6-09B New version of ISO 19115 - Metadata (Part I: Fundamentals) - under preparation
DQWG6-09C Existing version of ISO 19115 - Metadata (Part II: Extensions for imagery and gridded data)
DQWG6-09D Existing version of ISO 19157 - Geographic information - Data quality
DQWG6-10A Depiction of CATZOC for Unsurveyed Areas after Disaster (Japan)
DQWG6-10B Chart action taken after the great Earthquake and the great Tsunami (Japan)
DQWG6-11A DQWG elections
DQWG6-11B rev1 List of candidates
DQWG6-12A DQWG Work Programme