IHO Data Quality Working Group (DQWG)

7th DQWG Meeting
Univ. of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB, Canada (16-18 July 2013)

Last update: février 01, 2014

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DQWG Letter 01/2013 announcing DQWG-7


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DQWG7-01B List of Participants
DQWG7-01C DQWG TORs (C. Howlett)
DQWG7-02A rev4 Agenda and Timetable (C. Howlett)
DQWG7-03A DQWG-6 Minutes (E. Mong)
DQWG7-03B Status of DQWG Actions (E. Mong)
DQWG7-04.2A The Development of New Data Quality Visualisation Methods in Electronic Chart Information Systems and Investigation into Associated User Response (S. Harper)
DQWG7-04.2B Development of New Data Quality Representation in ENCs (S. Harper)
DQWG7-04.2C Notes of the Open DQWG meeting, Rotterdam, NL, 13 Nov 2012 (L. Dorst)
DQWG7-04.4A Paper for MARID2013: Developments in North Sea Wide Resurveying and Charting of Dynamic Sand Wave Areas (L. Dorst)
DQWG7-04.6A Comments for review from the S-101 Data Classification and Encoding Guide baseline draft (S. Legeer)
DQWG7-04.6B Use of the attribute TECSOU on the object M_QUAL (E. Mong)
DQWG7-04.7A Update on Data Quality Elements in Nautical Publications (E. Mong)
DQWG7-05A Improvements to the Display of Chart Quality on Electronic Navigational Charts (USM)
DQWG7-07A The effect of cartographic generalization on data quality portrayal (L. Dorst)
DQWG7-07B Comments from JW-AHS on DQWG-07A (M. Prince / C. Howlett)
DQWG7-10.2A Unified population of Zones Of Confidence for sea areas with a mobile seafloor (L. Dorst)
DQWG7-10.2B Comments from JW-AHS on DQWG7-10.2A (M. Prince / C. Howlett)
DQWG7-11A DQWG Work Plan 2013-14 (C. Howlett)
DQWG7-13A DQWG Membership (C. Howlett)