IHO Committee on Hydrographic Requirements for Information Systems (CHRIS)

13 th CHRIS Meeting
17-19 September 2001 (Athens, Greece)

Last update: June 02, 2008

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CHRIS/13/1A rev.10

List of Documents
CHRIS/13/1B rev.4 List of Participants
CHRIS/13/1C rev.3 Membership of CHRIS and related WGs
CHRIS/13/1D rev.3 CHRIS Membership
CHRIS/13/2A rev.7 Agenda
CHRIS/13/3A rev.2 List of actions from CHRIS/12
CHRIS/13/3B Terms of Reference for CHRIS Committee and Related WGs
CHRIS/13/4A Report on WEND/6
CHRIS/13/4B Proposition for "Additional Rules for the WEND Principles" (J-L Bouet-Leboeuf)
CHRIS/13/5A Report on MSC73 and NAV 47 (Neil Guy)
CHRIS/13/6A rev.1 Draft ECS Data  Standard – ISO 19379 (Mort Rogoff)
CHRIS/13/6B ECS Equipment Standard (Fred Ganjon)
CHRIS/13/6C NECSA Letter of 13 September 2001 to Radm Neil Guy (Mort Rogoff)
CHRIS/13/7A CL15/2001 extract on SENC Delivery (IHB)
CHRIS/13/7B Summary of responses received to CL 15/2001 (IHB)
CHRIS/13/7C The SENC Delivery Option (Neil Guy)
CHRIS/13/8A CL 15/2001 Extract on ENC Security Scheme (IHB)
CHRIS/13/8B CIRM Letter of 24 May 2001 to IHB

CHRIS/13/8C rev.1

Standardisation of Data Protection for ENC's (Robert Ward)

CHRIS/13/8D ENC Security Schemes (Neil Guy)
CHRIS/13/8E Primar ENC Security Scheme (Robert Sandvik)
CHRIS/13/8F The Canadian Experience Implementing the PRIMAR Security System (Greg Levonian & Michael J. Casey)
CHRIS/13/9.1A RNC Test Data Set (BSB Format - Dave Enabnit)
CHRIS/13/9.2A Report on IEC/TC80/WG 7 (Dan Mades)
CHRIS/13/10A Implementation of SHARED concept in the Caribbean (Dave Enabnit)
CHRIS/13/11A Report on NATO Conference (Neil Guy)
CHRIS/13/11B Report on the UK Hydrographic Society Conference (IHB)


Report on the US Hydrographic Society Conference (Dave Enabnit)
CHRIS/13/12A Report on OEF Activities (Gert Büttgenbach and Lee Alexander)
CHRIS/13/12B Greater use of the Internet and OEF for CHRIS WG's (AU, CA, UK)
CHRIS/13/13.1A Report on the June 2001 Marine Industry Workshop (Neil Guy)
CHRIS/13/14.1A Report on TSMAD Activities (Chris Drinkwater)
CHRIS/13/14.2A Report on C&SMWG Activities (Brent Beale)
CHRIS/13/14.2B Report on 12th C&SMWG Meeting (Robert Ward)
CHRIS/13/14.2C Urgent Funding Requirement for C&SMWG (Robert Ward)
CHRIS/13.14.3A rev.1 Report on TAWG Activities (Mike Casey)
CHRIS/13/14.4A WP2 Report on SNPWG Activities (Robert Ward)

Re-Structuring of IHO Committees and Working Groups - The Role of CSC and its Relationship with CHRIS (Peter Cox)

CHRIS/13/15.1B Report on CSC Activities, in Relation to CHRIS (Peter Cox)
CHRIS/13/15.2A Report on TC211 Activities of interest to CHRIS (Tony Pharaoh)
CHRIS/13/15.3A ICA Commission on Spatial Data Standard (Michel Huet)
CHRIS/13/15.4A Relations with International Organizations (Neil GUY)
CHRIS/13/16.1A PRIMAR Report to CHRIS (Robert Sandwik)
CHRIS/13/16.2A MoU for Co-operation within the Mediterranean and Black Sea Virtual RENC (Rosario La Pira)
CHRIS/13/16.2B Status Report on Virtual RENC Development in the MBSHC Area (Rosario La Pira)
CHRIS/13/16.3A Copy of IHB CL 31/2001 on ENC Coverage (IHB)
CHRIS/13/16.3B rev.6 Report on ENC Development (Done: AU, CA, DK, FR, GR, IT, KR, SE, US)
CHRIS/13/16.3C ENC Production Experience at the Chilean HO
CHRIS/13/16.5A Report on DNC Development at US-NIMA (Chris Andreasen)
CHRIS/13/16.6A ENC Developmpent in US Inland Waters (Dave Enabnit)
CHRIS/13/16.6B The Inland ECDIS Standard of the CCNR (Claudia Oberheim)
CHRIS/13/17A rev.1 Report on RNC Development (Done: AU, UK, US)
CHRIS/13/18A Terms of References for HGMIO (IHB)
CHRIS/13/18B Report on MIOs (Lee Alexander)
CHRIS/13/19A IHO Publications on ECDIS (Michel Huet)
CHRIS/13/20A Electronic Commerce for Nautical Charts (Dave Enabnit)
CHRIS/13/20B Print on Demand (Dave Enabnit)
CHRIS/13/20C Chart Carriage Regulation Changes to Recognize ECDIS (Dave Enabnit)
CHRIS/13/20D Guidelines for Port State Control Officers (PSCOs) on Electronic Charts (Horst Hecht)