Tidal and Water Level Working Group (TWLWG)

1st TWLWG Meeting
30 March - 1 April 2009, Niteroi, Brazil

Last update: août 30, 2013

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Letter of Invitation

Logistics Meeting logistics
Registration Form Registration Form
TWLWG1_2-4-1 Minutes of IHOTC8
TWLWG1_2-5-1 Action Items from IHOTC8
TWLWG1_2-1-1-Rev2 Provisional Agenda Rev 2
TWLWG1_2-1-2-Rev1 Provisional Timetable
TWLWG1_4-1-1 Terms of Reference
TWLWG1_4-1-2 New IHO Structure
TWLWG1_4-2-1 Standard Constituent List
TWLWG1_4-3-1 Exchange of Harmonic Constants
TWLWG1_4-3-2 Format for the Exchange of Harmonic Constants / Predictions
TWLWG1_4-4-1 Digital Tide Tables
TWLWG1_4-4-2 Digital Tide Tables - replies to CLs 99/2007 and 18/2008
TWLWG1_4-5-1 Vertical Reference Framework - Update on IAG and FIG activities
TWLWG1_4-6-1 Update on IOC-GLOSS activities
TWLWG1_4-7-1 Global sea-level rise - update from the UK
TWLWG1_4-8-1 IHO Capacity Building Programme
TWLWG1_4-9-1 Review of IHO Technical Resolutions (M-3)
TWLWG1_4-10-1 Review of relevant IHO Charting Specifications (M-4)
TWLWG1_4-11-1 Dynamic application of tides in ECDIS
TWLWG1_4-11-2 Tidal Data and S-57 Tide Aware ENCs
TWLWG1_4-12-1 Update on the translation of the French Manual of Tides
TWLWG1_4-13-1 Draft TWLWG Work Plan
TWLWG1_4-14-1 Report of the Chart Datum WG of the BSHC
TWLWG1_6-1-1 Correspondence with Jerzy Graff

In Meeting Presentations

Brazil 1 National Presentation
Brazil 2 National Presentation
Canada National Presentation
Chile National Presentation
Finland National Presentation
France National Presentation
Norway National Presentation
Portugal National Presentation
Spain National Presentation
UK National Presentation
USA National Presentation
TWLWG1_4-3-UK.pdf Exchange of Harmonic Constants
TWLWG1_4-6-GLOSS.pdf GLOSS Activities
TWLWG1_4-7-UK.pdf Global Sea Level Rise
TWLWG1_4-14-Canada.pdf TR A2.5 -2 Note ii clarification
TWLWG1_4-14-1-Finland.pdf BSHC CDWG Report