Tidal and Water Level Working Group (TWLWG)

6th TWLWG Meeting
Wollongong, Australia - 25 to 28 March 2014

Updated 29 April 2014

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TWLWG 6 Letter 1 Letter of Invitation
TWLWG 6 Registration Form Registration Form (Word version)
TWLWG 6 Map Wollongong Area map
TWLWG 5 Actions TWLWG 5-List of Actions - 29 January 2014
TWLWG 6 Programme Programme
TWLWG 6 Agenda Agenda
TWLWG 6 Participants Provisional List of Participants
TWLWG 6-2.3-1 TWLWG Report to HSSC5
TWLWG 6-2.3-2 Extract from HSSC 5 Report
TWLWG 6-2.3-3 ESA Coastal Sea Level meeting final report
TWLWG 6-3.1 An Overview of Tides and Sea Level Variations-USA
TWLWG 6-3.1 AusCoastVDT-Australia
TWLWG 6-3.1 LINZ Overview-New Zealand
TWLWG 6-3.1 FTA Overview-Finland
TWLWG 6-3.1 TideBed Introduction-Republic of Korea
TWLWG 6-4.3 S-100 Introduction-IHB
TWLWG 6-4.3 Tides in ECDIS-France
TWLWG 6-4.3 DUKC Chart Overlay-OMC
TWLWG 6-4.6 Development IHO-GIS Tidal Records Metadata
TWLWG 6-4.8 Compare Predictions Presentation-UK
TWLWG 6-4.9 Bathyelli Jist-France
TWLWG 6-4.10 IHO Resolutions
TWLWG 6-4.11 Review of relevant IHO Charting Specifications
TWLWG 6-4.15 CB Workshop
TWLWG 6-4.16 Work Plan
TWLWG 6-5.1 Lowest Astronomical Tide in the North Sea derived from a Vertically Referenced Model
TWLWG 6-8 TWLWG 7 - Draft Agenda