Tidal and Water Level Working Group (TWLWG)

7th TWLWG Meeting
Silver Spring, Maryland, USA - 21 to 24 April 2015

Updated 28 May 2015

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TWLWG7 Letter 1 Letter of Invitation
TWLWG7 Annex B Foreign Visitors Form (Word version)
TWLWG7 Annex C TWLWG 7 Logistics
TWLWG7 Introduction TWLWG Chair Introduction
TWLWG7-2.1-Agenda Agenda
TWLWG7-2.2- Programme Programme
TWLWG7-2.4-1 TWLWG Report to HSSC 6
TWLWG7-2.4-2 TWLWG Presentation to HSSC 6
TWLWG7-2.4-3 SCWG Report to HSSC 6
TWLWG7-2.4-4 SCWG Presentation to HSSC 6
TWLWG7-2.4-5 Extract from HSSC 6 Report
TWLWG7-2.5- Actions TWLWG 6-List of Actions - 3 December 2014
TWLWG7-4.2.1 Zone model for dynamic tide and water level for ECDIS
TWLWG7-4.2.2 TSMAD29_DIPWG7-06.4B_Dynamic_Water_Level_Data_Transfer_Product_Specification
TWLWG7-4.2.3 TSMAD29_DIPWG7-06.4C_Draft_S-112_DynamicWaterLevelDataProductSpecification
TWLWG7-4.2.4 Information paper for the S-112 implementation plenary breakout session
TWLWG7-6.3 IHO CL36_2010
TWLWG7-6.5 Data Analysis Comparison-New Zealand
TWLWG7-7.1-1 IHO Resolutions
TWLWG7-7.1-2 IHO Resolution 3-1919
TWLWG7-7.1-2 IHO Resolution 3-1919 notes
TWLWG7-7.2 Review of relevant IHO Charting Specifications
TWLWG7-8.1 Draft GLOSS manual on experiences and best practices for radar gauges - table of contents
TWLWG7-8.2 GLOSS TOWS-8 Report
TWLWG7-9.1.1 SAIHC Tides and Water Levels Workshop Presentation
TWLWG7-9.1.2 SAIHC Tides and Water Levels Workshop Outcomes
TWLWG7-10.1 TWCWG Work Plan 2016-2017
TWLWG7-10.2-2 Draft SCPT ToRs
TWLWG7-15 TWCWG 1 - Draft Agenda
TWLWG7 Presentations Presentations.zip
TWLWG7 Participants List of Participants