Second S-100 Working Group (S-100WG) Meeting

Genoa, Italy (15-18 March 2017)

Last update: May 12, 2017

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1. Opening and Administrative Arrangements

S-100WG2-1.1   List of Documents
S-100WG2-1.2   List of Members and Participants

2. Approval of the Agenda

S-100WG2-2 8-3-2017 Agenda (rev 10)

3. Matters Arrising

S-100WG2-3.1 2-2-2017 Minutes of the S-100WG1 and Minutes of the TSM4 Meetings.
S-100WG2-3.2 2-2-2017 Status of Actions from S100WG1 (.xls)  and Actions from TSM4.

4. Mattaers Arrising from HSSC8

S-100WG2-4.1 1-3-2017 HSSC8 Actions for the S-100W
S-100WG2-4.2 10-2-2017 Proposal 6 for the Assembly

5. Reports on Activities of Other Working Groups

S-100WG2-5.1 2-2-2017 NIPWG Report
S-100WG2-5.2   NCWG Report
S-100WG2-5.3   DQWG Report (See paper 11.10)
S-100WG2-5.4   TWCWG
S-100WG2-5.5   ENCWG
  6. Activities of Other Organizations
S-100WG2-6.1   IALA Report on Activities (and e-Nav Underway)
S-100WG2-6.2 14-2-2017 Report on ISO/TC 211 Activities
S-100WG2-6.3   IEC
S-100WG2-6.5   DGIWG
S-100WG2-6.6   OGP
S-100WG2-6.7   GMWG (Geospatial Maritime Workshop)
S-100WG2-6.8 13-3-2017 IMO - NCSR-4

7. S- 100 Project Team Updates

S-100WG2-7.1A 9-3-17 S-102 Status Update
S-100WG2-7.1B 6-3-2017 S-102 Update (Draft Product Specification - Edition 2.0.0) .doc format
S-100WG2-7.2 10-3-2017 S-121 Maritime Limits and Boundaries  -  S-121 Feature Model, S-121 Core Features, S-121 ToR and WP, S-121 DOALOS Contribution (.doc format)
S-100WG2-7.3   S-129 Underkeel Clearance Management
S-100WG2-7.4   S-101 [Refer to Agenda Item 11]

8. S-100 Proposals

S-100WG2-8.1   S-100 Edition 3.0.0 Status and way forward  - (S-100 Edition 3.0.0
S-100WG2-8.2A 8-2-2017 Session Oriented Services (zip format)  (See also IMO-FAL_41-INF2-para9)
S-100WG2-8.3 10-2-2017 Maritime Resource Names (MRN)
(See also papers IALA Unique Identifier Specification S-100WG01-10.11A and CSBWG2-5.2.1)
S-100WG2-8.4 8-2-2017 GeoPackage - OGC Specification for Data Encoding and Packaging
S-100WG2-8.5A 14-2-2017 Producer and Agency Codes for S-100 (rev 1)
S-100WG2-8.5B 6-3-2017 PRIMAR Feedback on Producer Codes Paper
S-100WG2-8.6 13-2-2017 Changes to GML Encoding Architecture (Paper withdrawn)
S-100WG2-8.7 13-2-2017 General Data Model in S-100
S-100WG2-8.8 13-2-2017 Changes to Support a Generic S100 Viewer
S-100WG2-8.9 13-2-2017 Recommended Changes to S-100 Portrayal
S-100WG2-8.10 13-2-2017 Removal of ISO 8211 ASCII Encoding

9. Infrastructure Updates

S-100WG2-9.1   Update on the S-100 Registry (FCD and Portrayal)
S-100WG2-9.2 24-2-2017 Summary of Activities of the IHO GI Registry (rev1)
S-100WG2-9.3A 23-2-2017 Proposed Extension to the IHO Registry
S-100WG2-9.3B 23-2-2017 Semantic Web Standards for S-100
S-100WG2-9.4 14-2-2017 Registry Proposal Guidelines
S-100WG2-9.5 14-2-2017 Review of IHO GI Registry Content (rev 1)
S-100WG2-9.6 14-2-2017 Use of Codelists
S-100WG2-9.7 20-2-2017 Impact of Changes on S-99
S-100WG2-9.8A   S-100 Feature Catalogue Builder
S-100WG2-9.8B 23-2-2017 S-101 Feature Catalogue Edition 0.9.0
S-100WG2-9.8C 23-2-2017 S-101 Feature Catalogue Edition 0.9.0 (XML File) or .ZIP file
S-100WG2-9.9   S-100 Portrayal Catalogue Builder

10. General Topics

S-100WG2-10.1   IHO Registry as a Feature Concept Dictionary [See paper S-100WG02-9.3A]
S-100WG2-10.2 23-2-2017 IHO Registry Management and Domain Control Bodies
S-100WG2-10.3A 10-3-2017 S-100 Interoperability Design Specification
S-100WG2-10.3B 10-3-2017 S-100WG02-10.3B Interoperability Catalogue (2017 03 08) .zip file
S-100WG2-10.4   S-100 Test Bed Update
S-100WG2-10.5A 23-2-2017 S-100 Test Bed Framework
S-100WG2-10.5B 23-2-2017 S-10X Test Bed Dataset and Test Site
S-100WG2-10.6   S-100 Data Protection
S-100WG2-10.7A 23-2-2017 Use of the IALA Reporting Guidelines for S-100 Test Beds
S-100WG2-10.7B 23-2-2017 The Reporting of Results of e-Navigation Testbeds
S-100WG2-10.8 13-2-2017 S-100 Portrayal Support of Lua
S-100WG2-10.9 13-2-2017 SPAWAR S-100 Viewer Update
S-100WG2-10.10 13-2-2017 Roles and relationships in the GI Registry and FCB
S-100WG2-10.11 10-2-2017 Proposed S-102 Improvements
S-100WG2-10.12 8-2-2017 Norwegian S-102 Testbed
S-100WG2-10.13 14-2-2017 Updates to S-100 Exchange catalogue schemas for Edition 3.0.0
S-100WG2-10.14   KHOA S-100 Viewer Update
S-100WG2-10.15   S-100 Sea trial (Gunsan and Busan)
S-100WG2-10.16   S-128 Catalogues of Nautical Catogues
S-100WG2-10.17 3-3-2017 Proposed Test Cases for the S100 Initial Data Conversion Tool
S-100WG2-10.18 8-3-2017 Cyber Security Issues

11. 2nd S-101 Project Team Meeting

S-100WG2-11.1A 23-2-2017 Status of the S-101 Data Classification and Encoding Guide
S-100WG2-11.1B 23-2-2017 Data Classification and Encoding Guide (Redline Ver Aug 16)
S-100WG2-11.1C 23-2-2017 Data Classification and Encoding Guide  (Redline Ver March 17)
S-100WG2-11.1D 23-2-2017 Data Classification and Encoding Guide (Clean Ver March 17)
S-100WG2-11.1E 23-2-2017 Data Classification and Encoding Guide - Change Log (.xls
S-100WG2-11.2 12-3-2017 S-101 Conditional Symbology Portrayal Way Forward
S-100WG2-11.3 13-2-2017 Generic S-101 Portrayal of Radar
S-100WG2-11.4 23-2-2017 S-101 Validation a way forward?
S-100WG2-11.5 10-2-2017 NIPWG proposal top extend the S-101 Data Model
S-100WG2-11.6 8-2-2017 ENC Update Limitation (see also ENCWG2-11.4)
S-100WG2-11.7 23-2-2017 Improvement of ENCs display on ECDIS
S-100WG2-11.8 3-3-2017 Proposals from NATO GMWG for S-101
S-100WG2-11.9 8-3-2017 Ancillary Files
S-100WG2-11.10 10-3-2017 DQWG Temporal Variation