5th S-100 Working Group
(S-100WG) Meeting (Feb / March 2020) 

Taunton, UK  (3 - 6 March 2020)

Last update: December 16, 2019

Post Meeting Documents: [S-100WG4 Draft Minutes] - [Actions] - [S-100WG5 Photo]

Meeting Information Letter  (S-100WG Letter 4)
Logistics Information
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Please also email your intention to attend the meeting before 25 January 2020 to:
the S-100WG Chair: Julia Powell (julia.powell@noaa.gov) and acting Secretary: Anthony Pharaoh addt@iho.int

5th S-100WG Documents

Document No


Document Title

Opening and Administrative Arrangements

S-100WG5-1.1   List of Documents (this index)
S-100WG5-1.2   List of Meeting Participants 
(Please ensure that you have register for the meeting using the Online Registration Site).
S-100WG5-1.3   S-100WG - Work Plan and Future Meetings  HSSC Consolidated Workplan

Approval of the Agenda

S-100WG5-2.1   Draft Agenda

Matters Arrising and HSSC Working Group Reports

S-100WG5-x.x   S-100WG4 Minutes
S-100WG5-x.x   S-100WG4 Actions
S-100WG5-x.x   HSSC10 Report to Council 3
S-100WG5-x.x   HSSC10 Actions For S-100WG5
S-100WG5-x.x   ENCWG Report                                                                                                      
S-100WG5-x.x   NCWG Report                                                                                                             
S-100WG5-x.x   NIPWG Activities        
S-100WG5-x.x   DQWG Report                                                                                                           
S-100WG5-x.x   Report from WWNWS-SC / S-124CG

S-100 Proposals

S-100WG5-x.x   Dataset Naming Convention for S-100
S-100 General Topics
S-100 Project Team Reports and Proposals
S-100 Test Bed Reports
External Liaison Reports
S-100WG5-x.x   ISO/TC211                                                                                                
S-100WG5-x.x   OGC                                                                                                             
S-100WG5-x.x   IEC
S-100WG5-x.x   IEHG                                                                                                                        
S-100WG5-x.x   WMO - JCOMM
Any Other Business