3rd Meeting - IHO Secretariat Monaco
(19 - 21 JUNE 2018)

Last updated - à jour 25/06/2018


Chair: Al Armstrong (USA)
[Meeting Photo]


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MISC Documents
  Logistics Information and Online Registration  
S-101PT3-1.1 List of Documents (this document)  
S-101PT3-1.2 List of Participants  
S-101PT3-2 Draft Agenda (rev 3)  
S-101PT3-3.1 S-101 Main Document – Consolidated Review Comments  (See 5.2 for S-101 docs)  
S-101PT3-3.2 S-101 DCEG Document – Consolidated Review Comments (rev1)  (See 5.3 for DCEG docs)
[See also DCEG Post-Baseline Change Log] (rev 1)
S-101PT3-3.3 S-101 Feature Catalogue (Edition 1.0.0) (.PPT/PDF)  
S-101PT3-3.4 S-101 Portrayal Catalogue (Edition 1.0.0)  
S-101PT3-3.5 S-101 Validation Checks (.xls)  [Presentation]  
S-101PT3-3.6 S-101 Data Encryption and Authentication Guide  
S-101PT3-4.1 Report on the Status of the IHO Registry (.PPT/PDF)  
S-101PT3-4.2 Report on the Feature Catalogue Builder Application (.PPT/PDF)  
S-101PT3-4.3 Report on the Portrayal Catalogue Builder Application (.PPT/PDF)  
S-101PT3-4.4 Update on the S-57 to S-101 Convertor (.PPT/PDF)  
S-101PT3-4.5 SPAWAR - S-100 Viewer – Status update  [Presentation  
S-101PT3-4.6 KHOA - S-100/S-101 Viewer – Status update (.PPT/PDF)  
S-101PT3-4.9 S-101 Test Datasets  
S-101PT3-4.8 S-101 Data Loading and Unloading  
S-101PT3-4.10 S-101 Exchange Catalogue (.PPT/PDF)  
S-101PT3-4.11 S-101 Test Data Exchange Set  
S-101PT3-4.12 S-101 Support File Management (from S-100WG3)  
S-101PT3-5.1 M_CSCL and Data Coverage - See also No of ENCs having 3 or more CATCOV=1 areas encoded and 1 or more M_CSCL encoded (Primar)  
S-101PT3-5.2 S-101 Product Specification (Edition 1.0.0)  [Clean]  [Redline]  {big}  
S-101PT3-5.3 S-101 Data Capture and Encoding Guide (Edition 1.0.0)  [Clean]  [Redline] {even bigger}  
S-101PT3-5.4 S-101 Symbology Requests (.xls)  
S-101PT3-5.5 New ENC Symbols for SMART e-navigation (Presentation)  
S-101PT3-5.6 Report from the ENC Display Sub WG (.PPT/PDF)  
S-101PT3-7.4 S-101 Publication Plan (.PPT/PDF)  
S-101PT3-8.1 Proposal for Joint ENCWG and S-101PT Meetings