IHO Transfer Standard Maintenance and Application
 Development Working Group (TSMADWG)

17 th TSMAD Meeting
8 to 12  September 2008 (Seattle, USA)

Last update: mars 30, 2010

Post Meeting Documents: [Minutes of the 17th Meeting]  [TSMAD 17 Photos

Document No

Document Title

TSMAD_17_logistics Logistics Information for the Meeting (.zip)
TSMAD17-1A List of Meeting Documents
TSMAD17-1B Rev 2 List of Participants
TSMAD17-2 Rev2 Draft Agenda
TSMAD17-3_16Minutes Minutes of the 16th TSMAD Meeting (Cape Town, South Africa)
TSMAD17-5.1_MEP.pdf Report of the MEPTG Pro
TSMAD17-6.1_CATZOC_FR CATZOC Proposal France
TSMAD17-7_1_TP_NtM_FR.pdf Temporary (T) and Preliminary (P) Notices to be used with ENCs
TSMAD17-8.1_GII Governance and Management Arrangements for the IHO Information Registry