IHO Transfer Standard Maintenance and Application
 Development Working Group (TSMADWG)

Combined 20 th TSMAD and 2nd DIPWG Meeting
3 to 7 May 2010 (Rostock, Germany) 

Last update: April 09, 2013

Post Meeting Documents: [Minutes]  [Group Photo]  [Port ECDIS Files]

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Logistics Information for the Meeting

TSMAD20/DIPWG2 01A rev8 Joint List of Documents
TSMAD20/DIPWG2 01B rev1 Joint List of Participants
TSMAD20/DIPWG2 02A rev9 Joint Agenda 
TSMAD20/DIPWG203A Minutes of the 19th TSMAD Meeting
TSMAD20/DIPWG203B Status of Actions from TSMAD19
TSMAD20/DIPWG204A Minutes of DIPWG1, Ottawa, 2009
TSMAD20/DIPWG204.1A Possible alternative colors (other than orange) for Mariner Objects
TSMAD20/DIPWG204B Status of Actions from DIPWG1
TSMAD20/DIPWG205B HSSC Actions for DIPWG     DIPWG Work Plan (ppt)
TSMAD20/DIPWG206.1A Report on CSPCWG activities [Wootton] 
TSMAD20/DIPWG206.2A Report on EUWG activities [Déniel]
TSMAD20/DIPWG206.3A Report on DQWG activities [Greenslade]
TSMAD20/DIPWG207.1A IALA Feb 2009 Meeting 
TSMAD20/DIPWG207.2A ISO 19117 [Greenslade]
TSMAD20/DIPWG2 08.1A S-100 Portrayal Model Presentation (ppt)     Portrayal Concepts (ppt)
TSMAD20/DIPWG2 08.2A S-100 Symbol Model Presentation (ppt)
TSMAD20/DIPWG2 08.3A XML Portrayal Package (zip)
TSMAD20/DIPWG209A Port ECDIS - General Presentation

S-101 Draft 0.1 Standard (Word file)

TSMAD20/DIPWG210B S-57 to S-101 Crosswalk
TSMAD20/DIPWG210C Outcomes on S-101 Stakeholders Meeting
TSMAD20/DIPWG211.1A S-101 Catalogue File and Discovery Metadata
TSMAD20/DIPWG211.2A S-101 Support File Formats
TSMAD20/DIPWG211.2B Formatting and Management of ENC Support Files
TSMAD20/DIPWG212A A 3-D Nautical GIS targeting Cognitive Off-loading and Decision Making
TSMAD20/DIPWG212B 3-D Nautical Navigation Presentation Slides
TSMAD20/DIPWG213A CATZOC, Simplified Symbols and Colour Palettes
TSMAD20/DIPWG214A Development of a Combined INT1 / ECDIS Chart 1   P-ECDIS Chart 1 (ppt)
TSMAD20/DIPWG214B INT1 to S-52 symbol Mapping (Excel file)
TSMAD20/DIPWG215A Nautical Publication Symbology     Nautical Pubs Symbols (ppt)
TSMAD20/DIPWG216.1A S-101 Scale Independent and Scale Dependent Data
TSMAD20/DIPWG216.1B US position against SI and SD data [Powell]
TSMAD20/DIPWG216.2A A Proposal for Improving & Standardising the ECDIS/ECS Pick Report [Coombes]
TSMAD20/DIPWG216.3A Incorporation of Selected Sections of S-52 into S-101 [Harmon]
TSMAD20/DIPWG216.4A S-101Unknown Attributes
TSMAD20/DIPWG216.5A Improving ENC Consistency through S-101 [Powell]
TSMAD20/DIPWG217A Bathymetric Product Specification (ppt)
TSMAD20/DIPWG218A Requirements for the Integration of S-100 compliant Auxiliary Navigational Information with S-101 ENC data
TSMAD20/DIPWG218B Proposed Specification for Auxiliary Information Layer Integration for use with ENC - S.10x
TSMAD20/DIPWG218C Proposed Bathymetric Surface Product Specification - S.102
TSMAD20/DIPWG219A Product Specification for Maritime Boundaries
TSMAD20/DIPWG220.1A IALA Feb 2009 Meeting
TSMAD20/DIPWG220.2A Virtual Aids to Navigation from an ENC perspective   Japan Comment on V-AIS (ppt)
TSMAD20/DIPWG221.1A Foul Ground / Foul Area Encoding & Symbology
TSMAD20/DIPWG221.2A Paper Chart Symbol Changes Considered by the CSPCWG
TSMAD20/DIPWG222A Corrections to ECDIS Chart 1
TSMAD20/DIPWG223A Assorted S-101 Issues (the Dirty Dozen)     S-101 Discussion Items (ppt)   Japan Comments on S-101 (ppt)
TSMAD20/DIPWG223B S-101 Strategic Planning Discussion (.ppt) S-101 Phased Project Plan (ppt)
TSMAD20/DIPWG224.1A Management of Encoding Bulletins (SHOM - FR)  EB Management (ppt)
TSMAD20/DIPWG2 24.1B EBs and FAQs for Action - Final
TSMAD20/DIPWG224.2A S-58 (discussion on tests 1768, 1769, 1770 and 1796)    S-58 Impact Analysis on ECDIS
TSMAD20/DIPWG224.3A S-100 Generic Product Specification Template

Additional relevant documents for consideration

TSMAD20/DIPWG2 INF1 Draft S101 Data Classification and Encoding Guide (.zip - AU)


Report from the 2nd Tidal and Water Level Working Group (TWLWG) (Stavanger, Norway, 27 - 29 April 2010)