IHO Transfer Standard Maintenance and Application
 Development Working Group (TSMAD)

S-100/S-101 Test Strategy Development Meeting

RTCM Headquarters (16-18 September 2014)

Last update: octobre 31, 2014

Meeting Report and Actions                         

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Logistics Information

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TSM2-1A List of Documents
TSM2-1B List of Participants
TSM2-1C Agenda (rev1)
TSM2-2.1A Feature Catalogue Builder Update and S-101 Feature Catalogue August 2014 (zip file)
TSM2-2.1B Priority of Working Task (xls)
TSM2-2.2A Review of S-100 Registry and FCD
TSM2-3.1A S-100 Test Framework December 2013
TSM2-3.1B S-100 System Test Flow Diagram September 2013
TSM2-3.2A Simple Chart Viewer Status and SVG Review and Test Cases Simple Chart Viewe Test
TSM2-4.1A Phase 1A – Feature Catalogue Builder Tests
TSM2-4.1B Phase 1B – Portrayal Catalogue Builder Tests
TSM2 5.1A S-100 Test Scenarios and Test dataset listing
TSM2 6.1A S-101 Timeline rev 29012014
TSM2 7.1A S-101 ENC Product Specification 20140708
TSM2 7.1B Test Case Product Specification