September 2008, Tokyo, Japan

Following other successful ECDIS Stakeholders’ Forums held in conjunction with meetings of IHO Committees (CHRIS and WEND), another meeting of this IHO - Marine Industry interface took place in the afternoon of 3rd and the morning of 4th September 2008, in conjunction with the 11th meeting of the IHO WEND Committee.  Both meetings were organized by the Japan Hydrographic and Oceanographic Department (JHOD) and were held at the Auditorium of Mita Kaigisho Conference Hall which is located 2-1-8, Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo. 

The 4th ESF was chaired by Mr Horst Hecht, Director Nautical Hydrography, Bundesamt fur Seeschiffahrt und Hydrographie, Germany. The forum provided an opportunity to express stakeholders’ views on relevant subjects. As the Forum was held in conjunction with a meeting of WEND, the 4th ESF focused on coverage and distribution aspects of ENCs. 

The following presentations (PPT) were given at ESF-4:

  1. IHO Structure and Decision Making Processes, by Capt. Robert Ward, IHB
  2. Resolutions and Obligations related to ENCs and ECDIS, by VAdm. Alexandros Maratos, IHB
  3. e-Nav and IHO S-100, by Capt. Robert Ward, IHB
  4. ENC Coverage Analysis, by Capt. Robert Ward, IHB
  5. Japanese Activities on Cooperation in ENC Production, by Mr. Toru Kajimura, JHOD
  6. ENC Distribution, Licensing and Pricing - IC-ENC Reflections, by Mr. Graham Saundercock, IC-ENC
  7. Availability and Prices of Japanese ENCs, by Dr. Shinichi Kikuchi, JHA
  8. The Challenges confronting the Hydrographic Community and the chart distributors to be ready for ECDIS mandatory carriage deadlines, by Mr. George Arts, Marine Press Canada
  9. Marine Data Flow - A Proposal for Data Supply Chain Certification, by Mr. Michael Bergmann, RTCA
  10. Public-Private Cooperation Models - Improving Safety and Efficiency in the Maritime Market, by Mr. Michael Bergmann, RTCA
  11. Meeting Customer Requirements - Constrains faced by Service Providers, by Mr. Chris Smith, UKHO
  12. Inspector Project, by Mr. Peter Scott, PRIMAR