ECDIS Stakeholders 2nd S-101 Stakeholders Workshop
Taunton, UK
9 to 11 March 2010

 Post Meeting documents:  Information Note and Meeting Outcome

Workshop Documents and Datasets

  Logistics (MS Word Format)
1 Workshop Agenda
2 List of Participants
3 Information Paper
4 Summary Report and Outcomes of 1st Stakeholders Workshop (4th to 6th March 2008, IHO Monaco)
5 A Proposal for Improving and Standardising ECDIS/ECS Pick Reports
6 S-101 ENC Product Specification draft 0 1 Feb 16 2010 (.doc format)
7 S-101 Test ENC cell
8 S-101 Test ENC cell Notes
9 ASCII dump of the s101cell.000  (j.txt)
10 S-100 Feature Catalogue XML and XSD Files in a .zip archive
11 S-101 Phased Implementation Plan
12 ENC Import Strategy (.zip file)