IHO Arctic Regional Hydrographic Commission (ARHC)

2nd ARHC Meeting
27th to 29th September 2011 (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Last update: janvier 07, 2012

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Invitation Letter        Logistics Information           Registration Form


Report of ArHC1            Statutes of ArHC

ArHC2-01A rev1 List of Meeting Documents
ArHC2-01B rev2 List of Participants
ArHC2-01C rev3 Agenda and timetable
ArHC2-01D Actions arising from ARHC1
ArHC2-02A National Report, USA
ArHC2-02B National Report, Russian Federation
ArHC2-02C National Report, Norway
ArHC2-02D National Report, Denmark
ArHC2-02Da New production system for production of Greenlandic charts, by Denmark
ArHC2-02E Arctic Pilot Project, by Canada
ArHC2-03A USCHC Consideration of Arctic NAVAREAS
ArHC2-03B NSHC Consideration of NAVAREA Proposal for ARHC Area of Responsibility
ArHC2-04B US Input to Major Bullets Points of the ARHC Strategic Planning Working Group Terms of Reference
ArHC2-04C Marine Traffic in the Arctic, by Norway
ArHC2-04D Assessment of Paper and Digital Chart Coverage, by Canada
ArHC2-04D INF1 Status of Arctic Ocean Nautical Chart Coverage, by Canada
ArHC2-04E SPWG - Status of nautical publications, by Denmark
ArHC2-04F SPWG Assessment of Stakeholders - US Input (.xsl)
ArHC2-06A Establishment of a Mariners Routeing Guide for the Arctic Status report, by Denmark
ArHC2-06B A Web-based Arctic Mariners Routeing Guide, by Canada
ArHC2-07A Revised OTWG Terms of Reference
ArHC2-07B Report of the Operational and Technical Working Group (OTWG)
ArHC2-08A Proposal on ENC Polar Projections, by USA
ArHC2-08A INF1 Discussion paper on ENC and ECDIS in the Arctic area, by Denmark
ArHC2-08B ENC and ECDIS in northern part of Greenland, by Denmark
ArHC2-09A Safety of Navigation on Polar Nautical Charts, by Denmark
ArHC2-09A INF1 Precautions in using navigational charts in Polar waters - Draft SN1 Circ., by Australia, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Russia and USA
ArHC2-09B Datum in the Greenlandic area, by Denmark
ArHC2-10A Actions Arising from IRCC3
ArHC2-10B WEND-WG Issues, by Denmark
ArHC2-11A Establishing an Arctic SDI, by Denmark