Joint IHO-IALA Workshop in hydrography and marine aids to navigation in Africa

Risk analysis, hydrographic survey specification and aids to navigation management

21 - 24 October 2019, Rabat, Maroc/Marocco

Last update: 21 octobre 2019

Liste de publications avec des applications de l'analyse de risque en milieu maritime
List of publications with tools for risk analysis in the marine environment

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1 - South-West Pacific Regional Hydrography Programme
LINZ Hydrography risk assessment methodology update
Report No: 15NZ322, Issue No: 03, 2015

2 - René Chénier, Loretta Abado, Heather MartinPublished
CHS Priority Planning Tool (CPPT) - A GIS Model for Defining Hydrographic Survey and Charting Priorities
 in ISPRS Int. J. Geo-Information 2018

3 - A Leyzack, R Chenier, and S Hinds
Marine corridors: A methodology for planning and prioritizing surveys, products and services
In : Proceedings of the Canadian Hydrographic Conference, St. John's, NL, Canada, pages 14 17, 2014

4 - Katies Ries, NOAA
Establishing Survey Priorities through the Assessment of Hydrographic Health (Gap x Risk)
December 2016, MACHC Meeting

5 - Elliot Lim, Barry W Eakins, and R Wigley
Coastal relief model of southern alaska: procedures, data sources, and analysis

6 - Christos A Kontovas and Harilaos N Psaraftis
Formal safety assessment: a critical review Marine
technology, 46(1):45-59, 2009

7 - Thomas Colonne, ENSTA Bretagne, CIDCO
Risk Assessment Methods and Priorization of Hydrographic Surveys
Last Year project report, 2015

8 - C. Bongiovanni
Quantifying vertical uncertainty and the temporal variability of the seafloor to inform hydrographic survey priorities
Thesis, 2018.

Publications plus larges sur le sujet de l'analyse de risque

9 - Eastman J.R., Jin W., Kiem P., Toledano J
Raster Procedures for Multi-Criteria / Multi-Objectives Decisions
In : Photograpmmetric Engineering & Remote Sensing, Vol 61, No: 5, May 1995, pp. 539 - 547

10 - Marvin Rausand and Arnljot Høyland
System reliability theory: models, statistical methods, and applications, Volume 396
John Wiley & Sons, 2004.

11 - M Jaboyedo, ZC Aye, MH Derron, P Nicolet, and R Olyazadeh
Using the consequence-frequency matrix to reduce the risk: examples and teaching
In : Proceedings of the International Conference on Analysis and Management of Changing Risks for Natural Hazards, Padua, Italy, pages 18-19, 2014