IHO Hydrographic Commission on Antarctica (HCA)

11th HCA Meeting
5th to 7nd  October 2011 (Hobart, Tasmania, Australia)

Last update: mars 08, 2012

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Logistics Information           Registration Form

HCA11-01A rev8 List of Meeting Documents
HCA11-01B rev5 List of Participants
HCA11-02A  HCA Membership and Observers List
HCA11-03A rev6 Agenda
HCA11-03C rev2 Programme
HCA11-05A rev4 Status of Actions List from the 10th HCA Meeting
HCA11-05B Draft IMO SN circular on polar regions (HCA Action 10/18)
HCA11-06.2A COMNAP Report
HCA11-06.4A IAATO Report see HCA11-INF5
HCA11-06.5A SCAR-SCAGI Report
HCA11-07.1A rev2 INT Chart Scheme and Production Status
HCA11-07.1B rev2 INT Charts not yet Published
HCA11-07.1C Layout of INT Chart Production Status
HCA11-07.1D Changes proposed by Argentina to limits of INT 9142
HCA11-07.2A rev1 ENC Schemes and Production Status in Antarctica
HCA11-07.3A GEBCO Report


National Reports

HCA11-07.4Aa National Report, Argentina
HCA11-07.4Ab National Report, Australia
HCA11-07.4Ac National Report, Brazil
HCA11-07.4Ad National Report, Chile
HCA11-07.4Af National Report, Germany
HCA11-07.4Ah National Report, Japan
HCA11-07.4Ai National Report, Korea (Rep. of)
HCA11-07.4Aj National Report, New Zealand
HCA11-07.4Ak National Report, Norway
HCA11-07.4Al National Report, South Africa
HCA11-07.4Am National Report, Spain
HCA11-07.4An National Report, UK
HCA11-07.4Ao National Report, USA
HCA11-07.4Ap National Report, Ecuador
HCA11-07.4B GIS for Antarctica – Progress Report
HCA11-08A HCA Survey Prioritisation Working Group - Progress Report
HCA11-08B Revised Long Term Survey Plan (September 2011)
HCA11-08C Revised Survey Short List (September 2011)
HCA11-10A Proposal from Uruguay to host the 12th HCA meeting

Information Papers

HCA11-INF1  Current HCA Statutes
HCA11-INF2 Minutes of the 10th HCA Meeting (Cambridge, UK, 2010)
HCA11-INF3 IHO Report submitted to ATCM-34 (Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 2011)
HCA11-INF4 Speaking Notes to IAATO Meeting (Hobart, Australia, May 2011)
HCA11-INF5 IAATO Report submitted to ATCM-34 (Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 2011)
HCA11-INF6 IAATO Overview of Antarctic Tourism: 2010-11 Season and Preliminary Estimates for the 2011-12 Season
HCA11-INF7 Comments by Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) on IMO issues which may be relevant to HCA members
HCA11-INF8 Arctic-Antarctic Seafloor Mapping Meeting 2011, Stockholm, Sweden, 03/05 May 2011 - Report by the HCA Chair
HCA11-INF9 Spatial patterns of tour ship traffic in the Antarctic Peninsula region (2003-2007)