IHO Hydrographic Committee on Antarctica (HCA)

4 th HCA Meeting
 6 8 September, 2004 (Kythnos, Greece)

Last update: January 03, 2009

Post Meeting Documents: [Minutes

Document No

Document Title

HCA4-1A rev.11 List of Documents
HCA4-1B rev.4 List of Participants 
HCA4-2A rev.1 HCA Membership and Observers List
HCA4-3A rev.1 Agenda
HCA4-3B Annotated Agenda
HCA4-3C rev.1 Timetable
HCA4-5A rev.2 Status of Actions List from HCA/3
HCA4-6.2B rev.1 COMNAP Report to HCA/4 (0.5 Mb)
HCA4-6.2C IMO Report to HCA/4
HCA4-6.2D Tourism Activities in Antarctica (D. Landau, IAATO)
HCA4-7.1A rev.3 INT Chart Scheme and Production Status for Region M (IHB), (1.7 Mb)
HCA4-7.1B ENC Production Status in Antarctica (IHB)
HCA4-7.3A GEBCO Report to HCA/4  (H-W. Schenke)
HCA4-7.3B Undersea Feature Naming Status for Region M (IHB)
HCA4-7.3C IBCSO Report to HCA/4 (H-W. Schenke)
Collection of National Reports 
HCA4-7.4Aa rev.1 UKHO Report 
HCA4-7.4Ab Norway Report
HCA4-7.4Ac France Report
HCA4-7.4Ad Argentine Report  (1 Mb)
HCA4-7.4Ae Germany Report
HCA4-7.4Af Italy Report 
HCA4-7.4Ag New Zealand Report
HCA4-7.4Ah Australia Report  (0.5 Mb)
HCA4-7.4Ai Chile Report  (4 Mb)
HCA4-7.4Aj China Report
HCA4-7.4Ak South Africa Report
HCA4-7.5Al Russian Federation Report (0.5 Mb)
HCA4-7.4B S-55 Progress Status, (Presentation) (1.4 Mb), (M. Barritt)
Information Papers
HCA4-INF1 Minutes of the 3rd HCA Meeting, Monaco, 2003
HCA4-INF2 rev.1 HCA Statutes as approved by the 3rd HCA Meeting in 2003
HCA4-INF3 IHO Report to IMO on Remote Areas (2004)
HCA4-INF4 IHO Report to ATCM-XXVII, Cape Town, South Africa, 2004 (English) (French) (Spanish)
HCA4-INF5 SCAR Report on Marine Acoustic Technology and the Antarctic Environment
HCA4-INF6 IHO Report to IAATO-15, Christchurch, New Zealand, April 2004 (0.8 Mb)
HCA4-INF7 IAATO Annual Report 2003-04
HCA4-INF8 IAATO Review of Antarctic Tourism 2003-04
HCA4-INF9 SCAR Report to SCOR, Venice, September 2004