Hydrographic Commission on Antarctica (HCA)

Scheming and Production of INT Charts and ENCs in Region M

Last update: juillet 17, 2014

A scheme of INT charts at various scales and covering the Antarctic waters (INT Region M) was agreed in the 1990's by the then
Permanent Working Group on Cooperation in Antarctica (PWGCA - the predecessor of HCA). Over the years, the INT scheme for Region M was maintained / improved by PWGCA then HCA under the IHB coordination. This and the INT chart production status have regularly been published in IHO publication S-11 Part B Region M.

At its 6th Conference (Punta Arenas, Chile, Nov. 2006), HCA tasked the IHB to develop ENC schemes at small and medium scales for Region M. As a result, small scale (Overview-1 and General-2) and medium scale (Coastal-3) ENC schemes were agreed by HCA in 2007 and 2009, respectively. It was further assumed that an ENC producer HO would be that of the equivalent INT chart.

At its 12th Conference (Montevideo, Uruguay, Oct. 2012), HCA decided to transfer the responsibility of coordinating the scheming of INT charts and ENCs for Region M, to the HCA Hydrography Priorities Working Group (HPWG), under UKHO leadership. HCA-12 further tasked HPWG to develop a large scale ENC scheme (Appoaches-4 and Harbour-5) and review the existing smaller scale schemes.

Accordingly, new or revised ENC schemes for usage bands 1 to 5 were presented to, and agreed at HCA-13 (Cadiz, Spain, Dec. 2013).

Current status of INT chart scheming and production in Region M is reflected in S-11 Part B  (http://www.iho.int/iho_pubs/standard/S-11/S-11.htm).

Current status of ENC scheming in Region M is shown in the following files: