South West Pacific Hydrographic Commission (SWPHC)

International Charting Coordination Working Group (ICCWG)

Last update: April 09, 2019

At its 11th Meeting (Brisbane, Australia, Feb. 2012), the SWPHC established an International Charting Coordination Working Group (ICCWG) to develop and maintain official nautical charts, in both paper and digital formats, that support ships engaged on international voyages in INT Region L. Accordingly, ICCWG is in charge of coordinating INT chart and ENC schemes.

Australia (Robert Cario -

France (Ronan Pronost -, New Zealand (Rachel Gabara -, UK (Andy Willet -, USA  (Sydney Catoire - and John Lowell -

Terms of References and Rules of Procedure 

The WG conducts its work by correspondence, through SWPHC-ICCWG Letters. 

ENC Schemes for Region L: