ABLOS Tutorials & Conference
"Addressing Difficult Issues in UNCLOS"
28-30 October 2003

International Hydrographic Bureau, Principality of Monaco.

Conference Photograph


Tuesday 28th October



09.00 - 10.10

Dag Solheim (Norwegian Mapping Authority)

Height Reference Systems

10.10 - 11.10

Dick Gent (UK Hydrographic Office)

The Normal Baseline

11.40 - 12.40

Clive Schofield (University of New South Wales)

Maritime Zones and Jurisdictions

14.00 - 15.10

Robert Smith (US State Department)

National Considerations when Negotiating a Maritime Boundary

15.10 - 16.10

Robert van de Poll (CARIS)

Completing an Article 76 Desktop Study

16.30 - 17.30

Lindsay Parson (Southampton Oceanography Centre)

Deepwater Non-Living Marine Resources


Day 1 Conference:

Wednesday 29th October


Session 1

Chair: Ron Macnab


Paper 1

Cockburn, S., et al

"UNCLOS’s potential influence on a Marine Cadastre: depth, breadth, and sovereign rights"

Paper 2

Fraser, R., et al

"Issues in the development of a Marine Cadastre"

Paper 3

Daniel, T.

"Expert evidence before the International Court of Justice"

Session 2

Chair: Ron Macnab


Paper 1

Stagpoole, V.

"Foot of the continental slope in Article 76"

Paper 2

Alcock, M., et al

" A systematic approach to the identification of the foot of the continental slope to define the outer limit of extended continental shelf under article 76, UNCLOS"

Paper 3

Carleton, C., et al

"Article 76: the ridge issue"

Session 3

Chair: Chris Rizos


Paper 1

Pimentel, F.M., Antunes, N.

"Reflecting on the legal-technical interface of Article 76 of the LOSC: tentative thoughts on practical implementation"

Paper 2

Lodge, M.

"Future directions and challenges the for the International Seabed Authority"

Paper 3

Hirst, B., Robertson, D.

"GIS, Charts and UNCLOS – can they live together?"

Session 4

Chair: Chris Rizos


Paper 1

Harsson, B.G., et al

"UNLOS and ice edge base line problems"

Paper 2

Kaye, S.

"Territorial sea baselines along ice covered coasts: international practice and limits of the Law of the Sea"

Paper 3

Fraser, R., et al

"Positioning maritime boundaries and the coastline with certainty – a rigorous approach"

Day 2 Conference:

Thursday 30th October



Session 5

Chair: Chris Carleton


Paper 1

Plantegenest, M., et al

"The French islands of Saint-Pierre et Miquelon: a case for the construction of a discontinuous juridical continental shelf?"

Paper 2

Gonzalez, A.W.

"Cutting a gordian knot?: Towards a practical and realistic scheme for the transfer of marine technology"

Paper 3

Armas-Pfirter, F.M.

"Protection and conservation of the living resources of the Area"

Session 6

Chair: Chris Carleton


Paper 1

Wood, R.

"Sediment continuity and straight bridging lines in Article 76"

Paper 2

Egeland, O.

"A new approach to mapping of the continental shelf"

Paper 3

Volterra, R.

"The Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf: just another judicial tribunal for the administration of international law?"

Session 7

Chair: Bjorn Geirr Harsson


Paper 1

Halliwell, A.

"Indonesian Archipelagic Sea Lanes and the charting issues"

Paper 2

Sutisna, S., Abidin, H.Z.

"Status and some technical problems of the Indonesian Maritime Boundary"

Paper 3

Sandev, R.

"Geographic Information System (GIS) on maritime boundaries"

Paper 4

Ong, D.M.

"A legal regime for the outer continental shelf? A preliminary inquiry as to the rights and duties of states within the outer continental shelf"