Hydrographic Dictionary Working Group (HDWG)

2nd HDWG Meeting
IHO, Monaco, 27-29 November 2018

Updated 20 December 2018

Post Meeting Documents:   [Report]  [Photo

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Letter of Invitation
HDWG2-CL01/2018 Annex B Registration Form (Word version)
HDWG2-CL01/2018 Annex B Registration Form (PDF version)
HDWG2-CL01/2018 Annex C Meeting Logistic Information
HDWG2-CL02/2018 Provisional Agenda
HDWG2-01 HDWG2 Draft Agenda v1.3
HDWG2-01 Chair opening presentation
HDWG2-03 List of Actions - HDWG1 - updated 26 November 2018
HDWG2-04.1 Report to HSSC9
HDWG2-04.2 Report to HSSC10
HDWG2-04.3 HSSC9 Report and Actions HSSC9 and HSSC10 - Extract
HDWG2-05.1 ToRs and RoPs
HDWG2-05.2 S-32 Business Rules
HDWG2-06.3 S-100 GI Registry Structure Diagram
HDWG2-07.2 IHO Hydrographic Dictionary Change Proposal Fields-Draft
HDWG2-07.3 ABLOS TALOS Glossary Terms-Proposals
HDWG2-08.1 Introduction to Arabic Language
HDWG2-08.2 Introduction to Chinese characters and dictionary
HDWG2-08.4 Spanish Language
HDWG2-09 Work Plan 2019-2020
HDWG2-11 RHC Meeting Calendar
HDWG2-18 Proposed draft agenda for HDWG3
HDWG2-Participants HDWG2 List of Participants