IHO Colours and Symbols Maintenance Working Group (CSMWG)

17 th CSMWG Meeting
Stavanger, Norway, 11-13 June 2007

Last update: juin 17, 2008

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Document No

Document Title

CSMWG17-01A rev.3 List of Documents
CSMWG17-01B rev.1 List of Participants
CSMWG17-01C rev.1 Membership and Contacts
CSMWG17-01D Logistics 
CSMWG17-02A rev.3 Agenda
CSMWG17-03.1A IHO CL42-2006 re IMO Emergency Wreck Marking Buoys
TSMAD14-8G Draft ENC Encoding Bulletin for IALA Emergency Wreck Buoy
CSMWG17-03.2A e-navigation


Draft ENC Encoding Bulletin for ‘unknown ‘ objects
TSMAD14-8D Draft ENC Encoding Bulletin for Port Entry lights (PELs)
CSMWG17-03.7A List of S-57 object classes not symbolised in PL E3.3
CSMWG17-03.9A ENC Encoding Bulletin for portrayal of OBJNAM for LNDARE
CSMWG17-03.11A SCAMIN Discussion Paper Apr 2007
CSMWG17-03.12B Portrayal of narrow sectors on directional lights
CSMWG17-03.13A Synchronised lights as an example
CSMWG17-04A Minutes of the 16th CSMWG Meeting, Monaco, 2006
CSMWG17-06.5A rev.1 Draft maintenance Document No5 (MD05) 
CSMWG17-06.5B LeBihan’s comments regarding MD05 
CSMWG17-06.6A FOULGND1 symbol for WRECKS with CATWRK 3 
CSMWG17-06.7A Revised CSPs WRECKSnn and OBSTRnn
CSMWG17-06.9A rev.1 Improved placement of numerical values of planned tracks according to the horizontal angle of the particular track leg
CSMWG17-06.10A Portrayal of Leading Line bearings text 
CSMWG17-07.2A Proposed Changes to ECDIS Chart 1
CSMWG17-08A Report on a Portrayal Register
CSMWG17-09.10A IHO CL77-2006 ECDIS Software maintenance
CSMWG17-09.10B IHO CL20-2007 IMO submission re ECDIS software
CSMWG17-09.10C IHO CL33-2007 IMO submission re ECDIS software
CSMWG17-10.3A Revised IMO ECDIS Performance Standard and implications for S-52