IHO Committee on Hydrographic Requirements for Information Systems (CHRIS)

15 th CHRIS Meeting
10 to 13  June 2003 (IHB, Monaco)

Last update: janvier 08, 2009

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Document No

Document Title

CHRIS15-1A rev.5 

List of Documents

CHRIS15-1B rev.4 

List of Participants

CHRIS15-1C rev.1 

Membership of CHRIS related WGs 

CHRIS15-1D rev.4  CHRIS Membership

CHRIS15-2A rev.4 


CHRIS15-3A Minutes of CHRIS-14


Status of Actions List from CHRIS-14


Terms of Reference for CHRIS Committee and related Working Groups

CHRIS15-4.1A Report and Decisions of the 7th WEND Committee Meeting (by IHB)
CHRIS15-4.2A Guidelines for Industry in Co-operating with IHO (by IHB)

CHRIS15-5A rev.1

Consolidated CHRIS Work Plan 


Instructions for submission of proposals to CHRIS and CHRIS subsidiary bodies, and Guidelines on the establishment of priorities in the work of CHRIS and subsidiary bodies (by CHRIS Chair & Vice-Chair)
CHRIS15-5C  Changes to IHO Standards - Summary of Responses to CL 54/2002 (Annex C) (by IHB)
CHRIS15-5.1A Printed ENCs (by USA-NOAA)
CHRIS15-5.2A Improving ENC Consistency (by IC-ENC)
CHRIS15-5.3A Interoperability through Hydrographic Standards Harmonisation (by UKHO from report by IDON Technologies)
CHRIS15-5.4A Depiction of ESSA, PSSA and ATBA (by Australia)
CHRIS15-5.5A Print on Demand Nautical Charts (by USA-NOAA)
CHRIS15-5.6A Requirement for New International Chart Symbols (by Denmark)
CHRIS15-6.1A Report of Transfer Standard Maintenance and Applications Development WG (TSMAD)  (by C. Drinkwater, UK, Chair)
CHRIS15-6.1B TSMAD Chairmanship (by IHB)
CHRIS15-6.2A Report of Colours & Symbols Maintenance WG (C&SMWG) (M. Jonas, Germany, Chair)
CHRIS15-6.3A Report of Technology Assessment WG (TAWG) (by M. Casey, Canada, Chair)
CHRIS15-6.3B Proposal to disband TAWG (by M. Casey, Chair)


Report of Standardization of Nautical Publications WG (SNPWG) (by J. Melles, Germany, Chair)
CHRIS15-6.4B rev.1 NP-2 Publications - Summary of Responses to CL 54/2002 (Annex G) (by IHB)


Report of Chart Specifications and Paper Charts WG (CSPCWG) (by P. Jones, UK, Chair)


Report of the TAWG Data Protection Scheme Advisory Group (DPSAG) (by R. Sandvik, Norway-ECC, Chair)

CHRIS15-7B  IHO ENC Security Scheme (by IHB)


Report of Industry Workshops and Stakeholder Organizations (by IHB)
CHRIS15-9.1A-2 (ppt) (0.7Mb)
PRIMAR-Stavanger Status Report (by Primar Stavanger)

CHRIS15-9.1B (ppt) (0.6Mb)

IC-ENC Status Report (by IC-ENC)
CHRIS15-9.1C MBS Virtual RENC Status Report (by Italy)
CHRIS15-9.2A Report of WEND Study on ENC Coverage (by IHB)


Report on ENC Assistance Questionnaire (by IHB)
CHRIS15-9.2C rev.3 (0.9Mb) National Reports on ENC Development
CHRIS15-9.3A Report on DNC Development (by USA-NIMA
CHRIS15-9.4A North American – European Inland ECDIS Workshop (by USA-UNH)
CHRIS15-10.1A Legal Status of Raster Chart Display System Mode of ECDIS (by USA-NOAA)
CHRIS15-11A Report of IHO-IEC Harmonizing Group on Marine Information Objects (HGMIO) (by L. Alexander, USA-UNH, Chair)
CHRIS15-12A Singapore Hong Kong Admiralty Raster and ENC Demonstration (SHARED) - Status Report (by Singapore)
CHRIS15-12B MesoAmerican – Caribbean Sea Hydrographic Commission, Electronic Chart Working Group – Status Report (by USA-NOAA)
CHRIS15-13A Report on Activities of the Open ECDIS Forum (OEF) (by USA-UNH)
CHRIS15-14.1A Report on ISO TC211 Activities in relation to CHRIS (by IHB)
CHRIS15-15.1A rev.1 Electronic Charts: What Can Be Used Under SOLAS? (by CHRIS & TSMAD Chairs)
CHRIS15-INF1 Status of IHO publications on ECDIS (by IHB)
CHRIS15-INF2 Report on ECS Database and Equipment Standards (by IHB)
CHRIS15-INF3 Regulatory Status of ECDIS in the USA (by USA-NOAA)
CHRIS15-INF4 Technical Note: Nautical related accidents. DNV ships with and without additional nautical class notation (by DNV, Norway)
CHRIS15-INF5 Maritime Administrations’ implementation of SOLAS V Requirements (by IHB)
CHRIS15-INF6 Input Paper to IMO with Recommended Performance Standards for the Presentation of Navigation Related Information (by IEC/TC 80/WG 13)
CHRIS15-INF7 Draft Input Paper to NAV 49 accompanying the Draft IMO PS (by IEC/TC 80/WG 13)