IHO Committee on Hydrographic Requirements for Information Systems (CHRIS)

17th CHRIS Meeting
5th to 9th  September 2005 (Rostock, Germany)

Last update: janvier 08, 2009

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Document No

Document Title

CHRIS17-1A rev.16

List of Documents

CHRIS17-1B rev.10

List of Participants


Membership of CHRIS related WGs 

CHRIS-MEM   CHRIS Membership

CHRIS17-2A rev.14


CHRIS17-3A Minutes of CHRIS/16

CHRIS17-3B rev.1

Status of Actions List from CHRIS/16

CHRIS17-3C rev.2

Terms of Reference for CHRIS Committee and related Working Groups

CHRIS17-4.1A Actions from the 9th WEND Committee Meeting
CHRIS17-4.1B ECDIS Type-Approval
CHRIS17-4.2A Implementation of IHO Rules for the Accreditation of NGIO’s
CHRIS17-4.3A rev.1

Establishment of the Hydrographic Services and Standards Committee (HSSC)

CHRIS17-5.1A Report of Transfer Standard Maintenance and Applications Development WG (TSMAD)  (M. Brown, USA-NOAA, Chair) 
CHRIS17-5.1B The Next Edition of IHO S-57 (4.0), Version 1.1 - March 2005
CHRIS17-5.1C The ENC Product Specification Debate
CHRIS17-5.1D ENC Product Specification Options
CHRIS17-5.2A Report of Colours & Symbols Maintenance WG (C&SMWG) (M. Jonas, Germany, Chair) 
CHRIS17-5.3A Report of Data Protection WG (DPSWG) (R. Sandvik, Norway-ECC, Chair) 


Report of Standardization of Nautical Publications WG (SNPWG) (J. Melles, Germany, Chair)


Report of Chart Specifications and Paper Charts WG (CSPCWG) (P. Jones, UK, Chair)

CHRIS17-5.5B Proposed Revised Terms of Reference for CSPCWG

CHRIS17-6A rev.1

Consolidated CHRIS Work Plan, Version 1.5


Guidelines for the Submission of Reports and Proposals for Consideration by CHRIS and CHRIS Subsidiary Bodies, Version 1.1 – January 2005
CHRIS17-6C Guidelines for the Evaluation of Proposed New work Items for CHRIS and CHRIS subsidiary bodies, Version 1.1 – January 2005
CHRIS17-6D Worked Example of the Use of the Templates (CHRIS Chair & Secretary)
CHRIS17-6.1A Greece-IHO Submission to MSC 80 on amending the PS for ECDIS
CHRIS17-6.3A Print on Demand Nautical Charts Status in the U.S.A. (NOAA)
CHRIS17-7A rev.1 Report of IHO-IEC Harmonizing Group on Marine Information Objects (HGMIO) (L. Alexander, USA-UNH, Chair)
CHRIS17-7B Proposal for a New Work Item for HGMIO: Aids to Navigation Status (IHB)
CHRIS17-8A Report on Activities of the Open ECDIS Forum (OEF) (L. Alexander, USA-UNH) 
CHRIS17-9A  ECDIS Stakeholders’ Forum - Programme
CHRIS17-10.1A PRIMAR-Stavanger Status Report (R. Sandvik, Primar Stavanger) 


IC-ENC Status Report (G. Saundercock, IC-ENC)
CHRIS17-10.1C Virtual RENC in the Mediterranean and Black Sea Region – Status Report (Italy)
CHRIS17-10.2A ENC and IENC Production and Distribution Status in the USA (NOAA)
CHRIS17-10.2B ENC Production and Distribution Status in Portugal
CHRIS17-10.2C ENC Production and Distribution Status in France
CHRIS17-10.2D National Report on Electronic Chart Production Distribution in South Africa
CHRIS17-10.3A Report on DNC Development (C. Andreasen, USA-NIMA)
CHRIS17-10.4A Status Report on Inland ECDIS development and Standardization (L. Alexander, USA-UNH)
CHRIS17-11A RNC Production and Distribution Status in the USA (NOAA)
CHRIS17-12.1A Report on ISO TC211 Activities affecting CHRIS (IHB) 
CHRIS17-12.2A Draft Cooperation Agreement Between the IHO and the DGIWG
CHRIS17-12.3A rev.1 Status of the Standard IEC 62376 “Electronic chart systems (ECS) for small craft and non-SOLAS convention craft – Minimum operational and performance requirements, methods of testing and required test results” (July 2005)
CHRIS17-12.4A Report on IMO Activities
CHRIS17-13.2A rev.1 Charting of Port Security Limits (IHB)
CHRIS17-INF1 Status of IHO publications on ECDIS (IHB)
CHRIS17-INF2 ENCs and Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) (IHB)
CHRIS17-INF3 NHS Letter to IHB on S-57 Ed. 4.0
CHRIS17-INF4 Draft IHO-ISO Memorandum of Understanding
CHRIS17-INF5 Draft IHO-IEC Memorandum of Understanding