IHO Committee on Hydrographic Requirements for Information Systems (CHRIS)

18th CHRIS Meeting
25th to 29th  September 2006 (Cairns, Australia)

Last update: janvier 08, 2009

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Document No Document Title

CHRIS18-1A rev.9

List of Documents

CHRIS18-1B rev.10

List of Participants

CHRIS18-1C   CHRIS Membership

CHRIS18-2A rev.8


CHRIS18-3A Minutes of CHRIS/17

CHRIS18-3B rev.1

Status of Actions List from CHRIS/17


Terms of Reference for CHRIS Committee and related Working Groups

CHRIS18-3D ECDIS Type-Approval - Correspondence with IEC/TC80 (France)
CHRIS18-4.1A rev.1 CHRIS Chairman’s Report to SPWG on Implementation of HSSC
CHRIS18-4.2A Actions from the 10th WEND Committee Meeting (IHB)

Conclusions of the IHO Seminar 2005 on Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI)

CHRIS18-4.4A Status of Electronic Charting Issues before IMO (IHB) 
CHRIS18-4.4B IMO SN Circular on the Emergency Wreck Marking Buoy introduced by IALA (IHB)
CHRIS18-4.4C Development of an e-Navigation Strategy – MSC 81/23/10
CHRIS18-4.4D e-Navigation Core Elements – IMO Correspondence Group on e-Navigation
CHRIS18-4.6A rev.1 Cooperation Agreement Between IHO and DGIWG (IHB)
CHRIS18-4.7A Status of the Standard IEC 62376 on ECS (USA-NOAA)
CHRIS18-4.8A IHB Letter CBC-1 of 21 August 2006
CHRIS18-5A  Conclusions of the 2nd ECDIS Stakeholders’ Forum
CHRIS18-6.1A Report of Transfer Standard Maintenance and Applications Development WG (TSMAD)  (M. Brown, USA-NOAA, Chair) 
CHRIS18-6.1B IHB Letter on S-58 ENC Validation Checks
CHRIS18-6.1C rev.2 Enhancements Required to Encode S-57 Edition 3.1.1 ENC Data
CHRIS18-6.2A Report of Colours & Symbols Maintenance WG (CSMWG) (M. Jonas, Germany, Chair) 
CHRIS18-6.3A rev.1 Report of Data Protection WG (DPSWG) (R. Sandvik, Norway-ECC, Chair) 
CHRIS18-6.3B Proposed Amended Terms of Reference for DPSWG


Report of Standardization of Nautical Publications WG (SNPWG) (J. Melles, Germany, Chair)


Report of Chart Specifications and Paper Charts WG (CSPCWG) (P. Jones, UK, Chair)

CHRIS18-6.5B Status of IHO Charts INT 1, INT 2 and INT 3 (P. Jones)
CHRIS18-7A Report of IHO-IEC Harmonizing Group on Marine Information Objects (HGMIO) (L. Alexander, USA-UNH, Chair)
CHRIS18-8.1A IHO Work Programme 2008-2012
CHRIS18-8.1B CHRIS Input to IHO WP 2008-2012

CHRIS18-8.2A rev.1

Consolidated CHRIS Work Plan
CHRIS18-8.3A rev.1 Terms of Reference for CHRIS and proposed amendments
CHRIS18-8.3B IHO Technical Resolution T1.1 “Formation of Intersessionary Subsidiary Bodies of the IHO”
CHRIS18-8.4A Progress Report on “Printed ENCs” (USA-NOAA)
CHRIS18-8.5A Print on Demand Nautical Charts Status (NOAA-NOAA)
CHRIS18-9A Report on Activities of the Open ECDIS Forum (OEF) (L. Alexander, USA-UNH) 
CHRIS18-10.1A Worldwide ENC Coverage Catalogue (IHB)
CHRIS18-10.1B ENC Status (USA-NOAA)
CHRIS18-10.2A Status Report on Inland ECDIS development (L. Alexander, USA-UNH)
CHRIS18-INF1 Status of IHO publications on ECDIS (IHB)
CHRIS18-INF2 On-line Chart Viewer (USA-NOAA)
CHRIS18-INF3 Raster Navigational Chart Status (USA-NOAA)
CHRIS18-INF4 Digital Nautical Chart Report (USA-NGA)
CHRIS18-INF5 CHRIS Report to IHC-XVII (Chair)