IHO Committee on Hydrographic Requirements for Information Systems (CHRIS)

19th CHRIS Meeting
5th to 9th  November 2007 (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

Last update: janvier 08, 2009

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CHRIS19-01A  rev.7

List of Documents

CHRIS19-01B  rev.8

List of Participants

CHRIS19-01C   CHRIS Membership and Observers List

CHRIS19-02A rev.7


CHRIS19-03A Minutes of CHRIS-18

CHRIS19-03B rev.1

Status of Actions List from CHRIS-18


Terms of Reference for CHRIS Committee and related Working Groups

CHRIS19-04.1A CL 62/2007 on Inland Waters WG and Marine SDI WG 
CHRIS19-04.2A Outcomes from the Extraordinary WEND Committee Meeting, Monaco, 30-31 October 2007 
CHRIS19-04.3A Report on IMO activities affecting CHRIS 
CHRIS19-04.4A Report on ISO-TC211 activities affecting CHRIS
CHRIS19-04.5A Report on DGIWG activities affecting CHRIS
CHRIS19-04.6A Report on IEC-TC80-WG7 activities affecting CHRIS
CHRIS19-04.7A rev.1 Progress Report on several IHO Technical Resolutions affecting CHRIS
CHRIS19-05.1A rev.2 Programme of the 3rd ECDIS Stakeholders’ Forum (7-8 Nov. 07)
CHRIS19-05.1B Enhancing the Presentation of Survey Quality in ENC
CHRIS19-06.1A  PPT Report of Transfer Standard Maintenance and Applications Development WG (TSMAD)  
CHRIS19-06.1B   S-101 ENC Product Specification 
CHRIS19-06.1C  PPT Recommendations for Consistent ENC Data Encoding (Chairman TSMAD)
CHRIS19-06.1D  PPT Consistent Application of the attribute SCAMIN (Denmark, Finland, Sweden)
CHRIS19-06.1E  PPT The Present Status of Small Scale ENC Coverage with Respect to the Allocation of cells to Usage Bands 1- Overview and 2 - General (T. Pharaoh, IHB)
CHRIS19-06.2A  PPT Report of Colours & Symbols Maintenance WG (CSMWG) 
CHRIS19-06.3A rev.1 Report of Data Protection Scheme WG (DPSWG)  
CHRIS19-06.3B Draft Edition 1.1 of S-63


Report of Standardization of Nautical Publications WG (SNPWG) 
CHRIS19-06.4B Digipilot (Netherlands)


Report of Chart Standardization and Paper Chart WG (CSPCWG) 

CHRIS19-07.1A rev.2 Terms of Reference for Data Quality Working Group (DQWG)
CHRIS19-07.2A rev.4 Draft Terms of Reference for Marine Spatial Data Infrastructures WG (MSDIWG)
CHRIS19-07.3A rev.3 Draft Terms of Reference for Hydrography and Cartography in Inland Waters WG (HCIWWG)
CHRIS19-08.1A rev.1 Report of IHO-IEC Harmonizing Group on Marine Information Overlays (HGMIO) 
CHRIS19-08.1B Marine Environmental Protection Product Specification
CHRIS19-08.1C Letter to CHRIS Chair from World Bank: Proposal for the Preparation and Adoption of an S-57 Product Specification for the Exchange and Use of Marine Environment Protection (MEP) Hydrographic Data
CHRIS19-08.2A rev.1 Status Report on Inland ENC development and Harmonization
CHRIS19-09A rev.1 Report on Activities of the Open ECDIS Forum (OEF)
CHRIS19-10A Transition to HSSC (IHB)
CHRIS19-11.1A Re-activation of S-49 “Recommendations concerning Mariners’ Routeing Guides”
CHRIS19-11.1B S-49, 1985 Edition
CHRIS19-11.2A rev.1 Revision of M-3 “IHO Resolutions”
CHRIS19-11.3A Proposed Amendments to the Generic Terms of Reference of CHRIS Working Groups (IHB)

CHRIS19-12A rev.1

Consolidated CHRIS Work Plan
CHRIS19-INF1 rev.1 Status of IHO publications on ECDIS (IHB)
CHRIS19-INF2 Electronic Chart Status (ENCs, RNCs, IENCs) in the USA (USA-NOAA)
CHRIS19-INF3 Digital Nautical Chart Report (USA-NGA)
CHRIS19-INF4 Progress Report on “Printed ENCs” (USA-NOAA)
CHRIS19-INF5 Print on Demand Nautical Charts Status (USA-NOAA)
CHRIS19-INF6 IEC 62376, Electronic Chart Systems – Status Report (USA-NOAA)
CHRIS19-INF7 PRIMAR report on the level of ENC use on board SOLAS vessels