IHO Hydrographic Services and Standards Committee (HSSC)

2nd HSSC Meeting
26-29 October 2009 (Rostock, Germany)


Last update: January 11, 2011

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Logistics Information     -     Registration Form

IHB Circular Letter 29/2010 announcing HSSC2

HSSC2-01A rev10

List of Documents

HSSC2-01B rev4

List of Participants


HSSC - List of Contacts

HSSC2-01D Terms of Reference for HSSC and related Working Groups

HSSC2-02A rev10

Agenda and Timetable

HSSC2-03A Minutes of the 1st HSSC Meeting 

HSSC2-03B rev1

List of Actions from the 1st HSSC Meeting and Status
HSSC2-03C rev1 Status Report of RTCA Correspondence Group on Data Supply Chain Certification (CG-DSCC)
HSSC2-03D Status Report of the Correspondence Group on Definition and Length of Coastline
HSSC2-04A HSSC Input to IHO Strategic Planning Process
HSSC2-04B Revision of IHO Resolution 2/2007 (formerly, A1.21) - Standardised Development, Consultation and Approval Procedures for IHO Technical Standards
HSSC2-05.1A Report and Recommendations of TSMAD 
IHO Publication S-58 : Recommended ENC Validation Checks, Draft Edition 4.2 - December 2010
HSSC2-05.1B rev1 Draft IHO Publication S-99 : IHO Geospatial Information Registry - Structure, Organization and Management
IHO Publication S-99 : Operational Procedures for the Organization and Management of the IHO Geospatial Information Registry, Draft Version 1.0.0 – January 2011
HSSC2-05.1C Recommendations for the procedures used to deal with encoding issues
HSSC2-05.1E Reopening of Use of the Object Catalogue for ENC
HSSC2-05.2A Report and Recommendations of DPSWG 
HSSC2-05.2B Proposed Amendment to S-63
HSSC2-05.2C Comments on paper HSSC2-05.2B
HSSC2-05.3A Report and Recommendations of DIPWG 
HSSC2-05.4A Report and Recommendations of SNPWG 
HSSC2-05.5A Report and Recommendations of CSPCWG 
HSSC2-05.6A Report and Recommendations of DQWG 
HSSC2-05.6B HSSC1/26 - Minimum standard necessary for safe navigation (Sweden)
HSSC2-05.7A Report and Recommendations of MSDIWG 
HSSC2-05.7B Report on the 2nd Preparatory Meeting for the Proposed UN Committee on Global Geographic Information Management
HSSC2-05.7C Associating 4 supporting Marine SDI Documents with C-17
HSSC2-05.8A rev1 Report and Recommendations of TWLWG
HSSC2-05.9A Report and Recommendations of HDWG
HSSC2-05.10A Report and Recommendations of EUWG
HSSC2-06.1A Status Report on Inland ENC Development and Standardization
HSSC2-06.2A Status Report on ABLOS activities
HSSC2-07.1A Report on IMO activities affecting HSSC
HSSC2-08.2A ECDIS Stakeholders’ Forum (IRCC)
HSSC2-09A Consolidated HSSC Work Plan 

Information Papers

HSSC2-INF1 Status Report on IHO Publications on Standards and Specifications
HSSC2-INF2 Digital Nautical Chart (DNC®) INF Report
HSSC2-INF3 MSDI Activities in Various Member States – MSDI Capacity Building
HSSC2-INF4 The Port ENC – a proposal for a new port related ENC standard (summary of presentation)
HSSC2-INF5 A 3-D Nautical GIS (summary of presentation)
HSSC2-INF6 Note on IEC-TC80 activities in relation to HSSC
HSSC2-INF7 IALA activities in support of e-Navigation
HSSC2-INF8 Operating Anomalies Identified In Some ECDIS (UK)