IHO Marine Spatial Data Infrastructures Working Group (MSDIWG)

11th MSDIWG Meeting

Rostock-Warnemünde, Germany, 24-26 February 2020

(a joint IHO-OGC Marine DWG session will take place in the morning of 26 February)

Followed by the UN-GGIM WGMGI2 Meeting, 26-28 February 2020 (by invitation only)


Last update: 07 novembre 2019

Post Meeting Documents: [Minutes of MSDIWG11] [List of Actions] [WP 2018-2020]
[Photographs: MSDIWG11 - Joint IHO/MSDIWG-OGC/Marine DWG - UN-GGIM/WGMGI2]
[Invitation Letter] [Logistical Information] [IHO Online Registration] [Template for submission of papers]
MSDIWG11-01A List of Documents (this document)
MSDIWG11-01B List of Participants (Secretariat)
MSDIWG11-01C List of MSDIWG Members and Expert Contributors (Chair)
MSDIWG11-02 Agenda and Timetable (Chair) Word
MSDIWG11-03A Terms of Reference (Chair)
MSDIWG11-04.1A Minutes from MSDIWG10 (Chair) Word
MSDIWG11-04.1B Action Items from MSDIWG9 (Chair) Word
MSDIWG11-04.2A Review the result and feedback from C-3 (Chair)
MSDIWG11-04.2B Review the decisions from IRCC11 (Chair)
MSDIWG11-04.2C Review the result and feedback from HSSC11 (Chair)
MSDIWG11-04.4 MSDIWG Work Programme 2018-2020 (Chair) Word
  National Reports
MSDIWG11-05A National Report
  Regional Reports
MSDIWG11-06A Regional Report
  Other relevant MSDI initiatives
MSDIWG11-07A Inititative Report
  UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
MSDIWG11-08 Report
  IHO-OGC MSDI Concept Development Study (CDS)
MSDIWG11-09.1 IHO-OGC MSDI Concept Development Study (CDS) Report
MSDIWG11-09.2 Development of a MSDI Pilot Project
  MSDI Training Material
MSDIWG11-10 Report
MSDIWG10-15 Updated MSDIWG WP 2018-2020
MSDIWG11-16A Draft list of actions from MSDIWG10 (during the meeting)
MSDIWG10-16B Draft elements for the MSDIWG10 Report (during the meeting)