IHO Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure Working Group (MSDIWG)

5th MSDIWG Meeting
5-7 February 2014 (Silver Spring, Maryland, USA)
MSDI Open Forum
4 February 2014, same venue


Last update: février 19, 2014

Post Meeting Documents: [Minutes of MSDIWG5] [Brief] [Group Photo]
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  Announcement of MSDIWG-5 - MSDIWG Letter 01/2013

MSDI Open Forum - Programme and Presentations

  List of Documents
  Membership List
MSDIWG5-2 Terms of Reference for MSDIWG
MSDIWG5-3 rev2 Agenda and Timetable
MSDIWG5-3.1.1 MSDIWG Report to HSSC-5
MSDIWG5-3.1.2 MSDIWG Workplan 2014-15
MSDIWG5-3.1.3 Summary of MSDI final minutes from HSSC5
MSDIWG5-4 Questionnaire about national MSDI and use of marine related data
MSDIWG5-6.1 Report of the Baltic Sea Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure Working Group (BSMSDIWG)
MSDIWG5-6.2 Maritime spatial planning and integrated coastal management
MSDIWG5-9a Sub Group A (national and regional best practices)
MSDIWG5-9b Sub Group B (review existing standards)
MSDIWG5-9c Sub Group C (MSDI training course)
MSDIWG5-11 Summary of Actions from MSDIWG5
MSDIWG5-13d Sub Group D (MSDI documentation on IHO website)
MSDIWG5-13e Sub Group E (Publication C-17)
MSDIWG5-13g Sub Group G (MSDI as standing agenda item for RHCs’ meetings)
MSDIWG5-14 An approach to MSDI in relation to RHC meetings