IHO Marine Spatial Data Infrastructures Working Group (MSDIWG)

8th MSDIWG Meeting

Vancouver, Canada, 31 January - 2 February 2017

(Preceded by an OGC Marine Domain Working Group Meeting on 30 January 2017, same venue)


Last update: 08 février 2017

Post Meeting Documents: [Minutes of MSDIWG8] [List of Actions] [Photograph]
[Invitation Letter] [Logistical Information] [Registration Form]
MSDIWG8-01.1a List of Documents (this document)
MSDIWG8-01.1b List of Participants (Chair)
MSDIWG8-01.1c List of MSDIWG Members (Chair)
MSDIWG8-01.2 rev 1 Agenda and Timetable (Chair)
MSDIWG8-01.3 Terms of Reference (Chair)
MSDIWG8-01.4a Work Plan 2015-2020 (Chair)
MSDIWG8-01.4b CHS Survey on MSDI (Chair)
MSDIWG8-01.4.1 Action Items from MSDIWG7 (Chair)
MSDIWG8-01.4.2a MSDIWG report to IRCC8 (Chair)
MSDIWG8-01.4.2b IRCC8 Report (Chair)
MSDIWG8-01.4.2c IRCC8 - HSSC8 Action lists (Chair)
MSDIWG8-01.4.2d IRCC8 List of Decisions (Chair)
MSDIWG8-01.4.3 EIHC5 Outcomes (IHO Secretariat)
MSDIWG8-01.4.4a MSDIWG Submission to A-1 (Chair)
MSDIWG8-01.4.4b MSDIWG White Paper (Chair)
MSDIWG8-01.6a1 National Reports (Canada) - MSDI
MSDIWG8-01.6a2 National Reports (Canada) - MSDI Components
MSDIWG8-01.6b National Reports (Brazil)
MSDIWG8-01.6c National Reports (USA)
MSDIWG8-01.6d National Reports (Republic of Korea)
MSDIWG8-01.6e National Reports (UK)
MSDIWG8-01.6f National Reports (Denmark)
MSDIWG8-01.6g National Reports (Malaysia)
MSDIWG8-01.6h National Reports (Netherlands)
MSDIWG8-01.7a2 Arctic MSDI - NGA Comments
MSDIWG8-01.7a3 Arctic MSDI - Arctic SDP Phase 1 Report
MSDIWG8-01.7b BS-NSMSDIWG Presentation
MSDIWG8-01.7c Baltic MSP data expert group Presentation
MSDIWG8-01.7d OGC Marine Domain WG
MSDIWG8-01.7e IHO Crowd-sourced Bathymetry WG Presentation
MSDIWG8-01.7f Marine Cadastre in Europe Presentation
MSDIWG8-01.7h Ecological Marine Units
MSDIWG8-01.7i ArcGIS for MSDI
MSDIWG8-01.7j 'Smart Telemetry' as part of a MSDI
MSDIWG8-01.7k Variable Resolution Surfaces
MSDIWG8-02.7 Draft Ed. 2.0.0 of IHO Publication C-17
MSDIWG8-03.6a GCC SDI Conference