IHO S-100 Test Strategy Working Group (S-100WG)

Test Strategy Task Group 1 Meeting
 22 - 24 September 2015 (JEJU, Rep of Korea) 

Last update: June 19, 2018

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Logistics Information for the Meeting

TSM3-1A List of Documents
TSM3-1B List of Participants
TSM3-2A Agenda and TSMAD 27 Actions  (Ver 7 Sept)
TSM3-3.1A S-100 Test Framework Report
TSM3-3.1B S-100 Test Framework (zip archive)
TSM3-3.2 S-100 Registry Way Forward
TSM3-3.3 Status of S-100 Feature Catalogue Builder
TSM3-3.4 Portrayal Catalogue Builder Status
TSM3-3.5 S-57 to S-101 Convertor
TSM3-3.6A S-100 Simple Viewer Updates
TSM3-3.6B S-100 Testbed Software: Phase 3 Simple Viewer   (Presentation)
TSM3-3.7 IALA progress on S-100 specifications
TSM3-4.1 S-100 Test Dataset Tool
TSM3-4.2A S-101 Test Scenarios and Test Dataset Listing and Documentation
TSM3-4.2B Test Scenario Files (zip archive)
TSM3-4.3A S-101 Test Datasets for Data Loading and Unloading Explanatory Note
TSM3-4.3B S101 Test Datasets - 19 August 2015   (zip file)
TSM3-4.3C S-101 Exchange Catalogue
TSM3-4.3D S-101 Test Data Exchange Set (zip file)
TSM3-5.1 Interoperability of S-100 Product Specifications
TSM3-5.2A S-100 V2.0.0 Diagrams 10JUL2015 annotated
TSM3-5.2B S-100 UML Models Comment form August 2015
TSM3-5.3 Alerts and Indications in S-100
TSM3-5.4 S-100 Proposed Tracking  (.xls)