IHO S-100 Test Strategy Working Group (S-100WG)

4th Test Strategy Task Group Meeting
 13 - 16 September 2016 (Rostock, Germany) 

Last update: February 08, 2017

Post Meeting Documents: [Report and Actions (Word)]  [Meeting Photos 1 - 2 - 3

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Logistics Information for the Meeting

TSM4-1A List of Documents  
TSM4-1B List of Participants  
TSM4-2A Agenda (rev4) Meeting Slides
TSM4-3.1 Update on S-412 Weather Specification (rev1) Weatrer Presentation
TSM4-3.2 Update on NIPWG Specifications  
TSM4-3.3 Update on S-411 Sea Ice  
TSM4-3.4 S-100 Product Interoperability Analysis   (download documents .zip)  
TSM4-3.5 S100 and IMO Performance Standard  
TSM4-3.6 Update on S-104 Water Level Information for Surface Navigation Product Specification  
TSM4-3.7 S-100 Draft Interoperability Catalogue (.zip) Presentation (V2)
TSM4-4.1 Complicated Portrayal Rules in S-100  Presentation
TSM4-4.2A Portrayal Register Interfaces  
TSM4-4.3B Proposed Changes to the S-100 Portrayal        Presentation
TSM4_5.1A Update on S-100 Registry interface and Test operation  
TSM4-5.1B KHOA Test Bed  
TSM4-5.1C Upate on S-100 FCB  
TSM4-5.2 SPAWAR Test Bed Presentation
TSM4-5.3 Version Control of Catalogues  
TSM4-6.1 AttributeValueType Uppercase vs Lowercase  
TSM4-6.2 S100 Session Oriented Services - IALA  
TSM4-6.3 S-100WG Comments for CD (.doc format)   -    S-100 Edition 3.0.0 Redline  
TSM4-7.1 S-100 Agency Code Register Presentation