IHO Transfer Standard Maintenance and Application
 Development Working Group (TSMAD)

13 th Meeting, 18 - 22  September 2006
(Wellington, New Zealand)

Last update: janvier 08, 2009

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Document No

Document Title

Logistics Logistics (i.e. travel and accommodation) information for the meeting.
TSMAD13-1A List of Meeting Documents
TSMAD13-1B List of Participants
TSMAD13-2 Draft Agenda
TSMAD13-3A Minutes of the 12th TSMAD Meeting
TSMAD13-3B List of Actions from TSMAD 12
TSMAD13-6.1 Report to TSMAD and CSMWG summing up replies to TSMAD Letter 03-2006 and CSMWG Letter 01-2006 .....
TSMAD13-6.3 Enhancements Required to Encode S-57 Edition 3.1.1 ENC Data
TSMAD13-6.4 Update to CSMWG Report relating to the S-57 Supplement No1 (See also TSMAD13-9.1Rev 1)
TSMAD13-6.5 Enhancements Required to Encode S-57 Edition 3.1.1 ENC Data (Ver 7 - 30 Aug 06)
TSMAD13-7.1 Update of S-57 Information Booklet
TSMAD13-8.1 Draft ENC Encoding Bulletin - Port Entry Lights (PEL)
TSMAD13-8.2 Proposed new ENC Encoding Bulletin Encoding guidance for linear maritime boundary (LMB)
TSMAD13-8.3 Proposed ENC Encoding Bulletins associated with ASLs, ESSAs and PSSAs and S-57 Supplement No 1 (Edition 3.1.1)
TSMAD13-8.4 AIS Proposal
TSMAD13-8.5 Correction to S-58 tests 506 and 1729
TSMAD13-8.6Rev1 Proposed new ENC Encoding Bulletin for IALA-B Daymarks (Rev 1) (4 Sept)
TSMAD13-8.7Rev1 Proposed Encoding Bulletin for Wrecks (4 Sept)
TSMAD13-8.8 Proposals Relating to S-58 tests 1721, 1722 and 1725
TSMAD13-8.9.1 FAQ for Differential GPS
TSMAD13-9.1Rev1 Report from CSMWG16 Rev 1 - (17 August)
TSMAD13-9.2Rev1 Report from CSPCWG#2 - (30 August)
TSMAD13-9.2A Spreadsheet containing M-4 and S-57 references.
TSMAD13-10 For Agenda Item 10 documents, see S-100 Sub WG 11 page.
TSMAD13-14.1S58Ed3 S-53 Edition 3 Third Draft (See also S-58 Circular Letter)