IHO Transfer Standard Maintenance and Application
 Development Working Group (TSMADWG)

18 th TSMAD Meeting
4 to 8  May 2009 (Ottawa, Canada)


Post Meeting Documents: [TSMAD18 Minutes]  [Photos] 

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Combined DIPWG / TSMAD Meeting (See also DIPWG documents).

TSMAD_18_logistics Logistics Information for the Meeting (.zip)
TSMAD18-1A List of Meeting Documents
TSMAD18-1B List of Participants
TSMAD18-2A Joint TSMAD18 & DIPWG1 Draft Agenda (rev 9 dated 29 April)
TSMAD18-4A Minutes of the 17th TSMAD Meeting (Seattle, USA)
TSMAD18-4B Status of actions from the TSMAD17 Meeting.
TSMAD18-5.1A Dynamic Tides in ECDIS
TSMAD18-5.3 S-57 Supplement 2 - Amalgamated version (29 April 2009)
TSMAD18-5.4 Review of S-65 (ENC Production Guide)
TSMAD18-5.8 TSMAD TORs to include S-100 outreach.
TSMAD18-7.1 Report on S-102 Bathymetric Product Specification (See TSMAD18-17)
TSMAD18-7.2 Report on Marine Environmental Product Specification WG
TSMAD18-7.3 Report on the CSPCWG
ENC Updating Working Group Report
EUWG membership list
TSMAD18-07.6 Report from the DQWG (presented to CHRIS 20)
TSMAD18-8 Final acceptance - post Technical Writer editing
TSMAD18-10.1 Issues from the ENC Encoding Bulletin Sub-Working Group
TSMAD18-11.2A Deferred Actions
TSMAD18-11.2B Internal Extensions Review SHOM
TSMAD18-11.2C Use of INFORM and CTNARE and additional bindings for the S-101 feature catalogue.
TSMAD18-11.3A S-101 User Outreach
S-58 Edition 4  Draft Edition [Version 2 - updated 21 April] - (PDF Version)
S-58 Edition 4  Draft Edition [Version 2 - updated 21 April] - (Word /.zip)
S-101 ENC Product Specification Draft Ver 0.0  (PDF format)  
S-101 ENC Product Specification Draft Ver 0.0 (Word/.zip format)
TSMAD18-16.3B S-101 General Discussion
TSMAD18-16.3C S-101 Text Placement
TSMAD18-16.3D S-101 Scale Independent Features
TSMAD18-16.3E Display Scales
TSMAD18-16.3F S-101 Grid Referencing System - Discussion Paper
TSMAD18-16.3G S-101 ENC Service Delivery
TSMAD18-16.3H S-101 Support Files
TSMAD18-16.3I S-101 Support Files - an alternative approach - Information paper
TSMAD18-16.3J How to Improve the users experience ?
TSMAD18-16.4 S-100 Feature Catalogue (XML files - .zip format)
TSMAD18-16.6 Nautical Publications Information in S-101 - Discussion Paper
TSMAD18-17 S-10X High resolution Bathymetry in ECDIS