IHO Transfer Standard Maintenance and Application
 Development Working Group (TSMADWG)

19 th TSMAD Meeting
26 to 30 October 2009 (Sydney, Australia)

Last update: March 02, 2010

Post Meeting Documents: [TSMAD19 Minutes]  [TSMAD19 Photos]

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Document Title



TSMAD19_Logistics Logistics Information for the Meeting  (See also Hotel Reservation Form)
TSMAD19-1A List of Meeting Documents
TSMAD19-1B List of Participants
TSMAD19-2 Draft Agenda (updated 15 Oct)
TSMAD19-3 Minutes of the 18th TSMAD Meeting
TSMAD19-4.2.2 Report to TSMAD19 on CSPCWG Activities
TSMAD19-4.5.1 S-101 Project Plan (Power Point)
TSMAD19-4.5.2 Proposed S-101 draft0.1 (phase 1)  October 2009  (MSWord)
TSMAD19-4.5.3 S-101 associated spreadsheet of additional issues for resolution (Update Oct 09) (Excel)
TSMAD19-4.6.1 Report (Letter) from the S-102 Bathymetric Product Specification Sub-Work Group
TSMAD19-4.7.1 Revised version of S-65. Comments/revisions from Australia (.zip format)
TSMAD19-4.8.1 Report from the ENC Encoding Bulletin Sub-Working Group
TSMAD19-4.8.2 Slaves with more than one master
TSMAD19-4.9.1 UN: DOALOS S-10X Maritime Boundary Data Product Specification (MSWord)
TSMAD19-5.1 Encoding of Mangrove Coast and Mangrove Areas on ENC (Australia)

Additional relevant documents (from the HSSC1 meeting) for consideration.

HSSC1-06.1B Standardized Development, Consultation and Approval Procedures for IHO Technical Standards
HSSC1-06.1H rev.1 Progress Report on the Development of S-100 and its Introduction as an IHO Standard
HSSC1-INF3 Information Overlays in ECDIS
HSSC1-06-10A Report and Recommendations of EUWG
HSSC1-06.1G Proposal to Include a Grid Referencing System in S-100