IHO Test Data Sets for ECDIS

Draft Edition 3.0.0
(December 2013)


The Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) is a navigation aid defined by the IMO in Resolution A.817 (19). ECDIS systems must conform to relevant IHO and IEC standards. The IHO standards S-57 and S-52 define the data exchange and chart presentation elements for ECDIS respectively. The IHO standard S-63 covers the data protection scheme and is also reflected in the IHO S-64. In order to test that systems meet the requirements defined in IHO standards a test dataset for ECDIS and published as S-64.

More recently the IHO Transfer Standard Maintenance and Applications Development (TSMAD) working group has developed a comprehensively expanded edition 3.0.0 which integrates the tests for ENC into a single instruction manual with a revised structure. This ensures that ECDIS manufacturers and type approval bodies have a comprehensive set of tests and associated data which reflect the latest IHO S-57 and S-52 standards. IEC 61174 as the Performance Standard for ECDIS therefore references S-64 and requires that all mandatory tests be completed. This departs from the previous structure where S-64 followed IEC 61174.


S-64 consists of test datasets for both ENC and RNC data. An instruction manual for ENC is provided with a set of associated test datasets. In draft edition 3.0.0, graphic plots are embedded within the expanded instruction manual rather than as separate PDF files.

The RNC Test Data Sets cover both HCRF and BSB raster chart formats and contain embedded instructions as readme files.

  • RNC Test Data for HCRF
  • RNC Test Data for BSB

Contact Information

To provide feedback or comments on the content of S-64 please email the Secretary of TSMAD addt@iho.int