Nordic Hydrographic Commission (NHC)

55th Meeting
 4 to6 April 2011 -  (Stavanger, Norway)

Last update: October 10, 2011

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Document No

Document Title

  Logistics and General Information:     1st Letter  2nd Letter
NHC55-1A List of Documents (rev 3)
NHC55-1B Participants
NHC55-1C Program of the meeting
NHC55-2A Agenda
NHC55-2B Annotated Agenda (rev 2)
NHC55-3A Minutes of the 54th Meeting
NHC55-3B List of Actions from the 54th meeting
NHC55-4.1A National Report - Denmark
NHC55-4.2A National Report - Finland
NHC55-4.3A National Report - Iceland
NHC55-4.4A National Report - Norway
NHC55-4.5A National Report - Sweden
NHC55-5.1B Status Report  on Improved Data Exchange Implementation - Sweden
NHC55-5.2A Improved Data Exchange
NHC55-5.3A Nordic Nautical Publications WG
NHC55-6.1A Report of the Nordic Chart Production Expert Group
NHC55-6.2 Report of the status of work of the HSSC DQWG and Proposals for the further work of the Nordic Data Quality Working Group
NHC55-6.3 Report from the Workshop on Validation of Multi-beam data
  IHO Issues
 - The relation to other Hydrographic Commission (ARHC, BSHC, NSHC) (CL63/ 2010)
 - The World Hydrographic Day  (CL 06/2011)
IRCC3-02.4B Actions and Inputs to the IRCC Meeting
NHC55-7.1A Establishment of a mariners Routing Guide for the Arctic
NHC55-7.1B Baltic Sea Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure WG

Status report from WEND-WG

NHC55-8.1A PRIMAR report 2010
NHC55-8.2 IMO and IALA Issues  CL 34/2010CL 48/2010, CL 77/2010, CL 83/2010


NHC55-8.6 VTS Sound

Status of changing the routes in Kattegat.

NHC55-8.3A The Mona Lisa Project
NHC55-11A The use of symbolization in ENC and ECDIS compared with paper charts
NHC55-11B ENC and ECDIS in northern Greenland

New production system for production of Greenlandic charts.