Nordic Hydrographic Commission (NHC)

57th Meeting
 15-17 April, 2013 -  (Arkö island near Norrköping, Sweden)

Last update: June 17, 2013

Post meeting documents:  [Final Minutes of the 57th Meeting]  [Action Items]  [Photo]

Document No

Document Title

Letter 1 General Information for the Meeting
NHC57-1 List of Documents
NHC57-2A Participants
NHC58-2B Draft Programme.
NHC57-3A Draft Agenda
NHC57-3B Draft Annotated Agenda (rev 2)
NHC57-3C Alternative Draft Annotated Agenda (rev 2)
NHC57-4A Minutes of the 56th Meeting
NHC57-4B List of Actions from the 56th meeting
NHC57-5A National Report of Denmark   Presentation
NHC57-5B National Report - Finland
NHC57-5C National Report - Iceland
NHC57-5D National Report - Norway   Presentation
NHC57-5E National Report - Sweden  Presentation
NHC57-7A Report on Multi-beam Workshop (Finland)
NHC57-7B Nordic Nautical Publication WG report
NHC57-8A IHB Report   Presentation
NHC57-9A PRIMAR Status Report - 2013
NHC57-9B Experiences on Contracting Surveys in Sweden
NHC57-9C Invitation to participate in workshop on LIDAR experiences
NHC57-12A Report of the IHO Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure Working Group (MSDIWG)

Annex 1: EU Directive - establishing a framework for maritime spatial planning and integrated coastal management

NHC57-12B Proposed Biennial Conference
NHC57-12C Nomination of a NHC representative to the IHREB
NHC57-12D A possible revision of the Nordic Hydrographic Commission statutes
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