Nordic Hydrographic Commission (NHC)

58th Meeting
 19-20 August, 2014 -  (Helsinki, Finland)

Last update: août 19, 2014

Post meeting documents:  [Final Minutes of the 58th Meeting]  [Action Items]  [Meeting photo]

Document No

Document Title

  NHC58 Registration Form (MS Word format).  Logistics Information  
NHC58-Letter 1 Invitation to the 58th NHC Meeting  
NHC58-Letter 2 Documents for the 58th NHC Meeting  
NHC58-1B List of Participants  
NHC58-A1 List of Documents (Ver 0.2)  
NHC58-A2 Programme (Ver 0.3)  
NHC58-A3 Draft Agenda (Ver 0.4)  
NHC58-A4 Minutes and List of Actions  
NHC58-A5 Status of List of NHC57 actions  
NHC58-B1 Report from the IHB B1_IHB_Report
NHC58-B2 National Report - Denmark  
NHC58-B3 National Report - Finland B3_National Report_Finland
NHC58-B4 National Report - Iceland  
NHC58-B5 National Report - Norway  
NHC58-B6 National Report - Sweden B6_National report Sweden
NHC58-C1 Nordic Nautical Publication WG  
NHC58-C3 Report of Nordic Chart Production Expert Group (NCPEG)  
NHC58-C4 Status Report – Harmonization of Depth Information C4_Harmonization_DepthInfo
NHC58-C5 Finalizing the Baltic Motorways of Sea (FAMOS) C5_Famos

Experiences with new survey launches

C6 Survey Launches

Results from Norwegian Topobathy pilot project

C7_Screen shots

Outcome of IRCC6 Meeting


Report of WEND issues

D1b_WENDWG Issues

Status of IHO-EU Network

D2_Status of IHO-EU Network WG
NHC58-D3 Report of RENC Operations - PRIMAR 2014  
NHC58-D4 Report on ENCs to the leisure market D4_ Report Safe Course
NHC58-D4b Report by Finland Pilot Project ENCs for the leisure market

D4b_ENCs for Leisure.

NHC58-D4c International Standard for ECS D4c_DGA Standard IEC 62376
NHC58-D5 Admiralty Information Overlay  
NHC58-E1 Revision of NHC Statutes E1 Revision of NHC Statutes
NHC58-E2 NHC Logo-proposal E2_NHC Logo