South-West Pacific Hydrographic Commission (SWPHC)

9th Meeting  (10th - 11th March 2009)
Technical Workshop (9th March 2009)
(Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea)

Last update: April 19, 2012

Post meeting documents:  [SWPHC9 Minutes]   [Photos SWPHC9 - Technical Workshop]  [Additional Conference & WS Docs and Presentations]

Document No

Document Title

  Letter from the National Maritime Safety Authority to the Dept of Foreign Affairs & Immigration (Secretary_DFA letter).
  Logistical Information and Registration Form (Word format)
  SWPHC CL 1 of 2009 (Concerning the 9th meeting).

9th SWPHC Meeting Documents

  Timetable (new 5 March)
SWPHC9-1A List of Documents (updated 27 March)
SWPHC9-1B List of Participants (updated 27 March)
SWPHC9-2 Agenda (updated 5 March)
SWPHC9-3 Actions list resulting from the 8th SWPHC
SWPHC9-4.1 French National Report
SWPHC9-4.2A UK National Report (for SWPHC9)
SWPHC9-4.2B UK National Report (Generic)
SWPHC9-4.3 Australia National Report (added 5 March)
SWPHC9-4.4 New Zealand National Report (added 6 March)
SWPHC9-4.5 National Report - Cook Islands (added 27 March)
SWPHC9-4.6 National Report - Fiji (added 27 March)
SWPHC9-4.7 National Report - Kiribati (added 27 March)
SWPHC9-4.8 National Report - Papua New Guinea (added 27 March)
SWPHC9-4.9 National Report - USA (added 27 March)
SWPHC9-6.2 WEND Minutes (added 27 March)
SWPHC9-6.3 CHRIS Minutes (added 27 March)
SWPHC9-7.1A Capacity Building - SWPHC Chair Report
SWPHC9-7.1B Capacity Building Committee Procedures
SWPHC9-7.2A 12th Hydrographic Course at the national Hydrographic School - Goa, India (CL 8)
SWPHC9-7.2B JAPAN CAPACITY BUILDING PROJECT 1st Course in Hydrographic Data Processing and Marine Cartography UKHO (CL 10)
SWPHC9-7.2C Nippon Foundation - GEBCO Training Project - Year 6 (CL 14) (new 5 March)
SWPHC9-8.1 4th EIHC Proposals Submitted (CCL05_R)
SWPHC9-12A List of ports (.xls)  (added 27 March)
SWPHC9-12B ENC Scheme (.ppt)  (added 27 March)

Technical Workshop Documents

  Technical Workshop Final Agenda  (updated 5 March)
  Technical Workshop Participants (updated 27 March)