United States and Canada Hydrographic Commission (USCHC)

39th USCHC Meeting
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (16 May 2016)

Last update: February 02, 2017

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USCHC39-1 List of Participants
USCHC39-2 Agenda
USCHC39-3A National Report - Canada
USCHC39-3B National Report - USA
USCHC39-04A USCHC Action review
USCHC39-04B IRCC Action review
USCHC39-05 USCHC Statutes -draft
USCHC39-06 USCHC Reporting calendar
USCHC39-7A-1 INT Chart Coordinators Workshop -Report
USCHC39-07A-2 Regions A and B Assessment
USCHC39-7C US engagement with IC-ENC
USCHC39-08 Decision Tree for ENC Coverage
USCHC39-09Ai  Protocol of Amendments summary
USCHC39-09Aii Preparation for A1 timelines
USCHC39-09Aiii RHC_IHO Council Representaton
USCHC39-09B WENDWG presentation to USCHC39
USCHC39-09C UK National Report     [Presentation Ver 1-0]
USCHC39-09D IBCAO presentation
USCHC39-09E France Self-Assessment
USCHC39-09F IBSC Update
USCHC39-10A IHB Report
USCHC39-11A CSBWG Update
USCHC39-11B Data Access Centre of Expertise
USCHC39-12A Sensor-Derived Policy and Localized Chart Updates at NOAAs Marine Chart Division
USCHC39-12B NOAA Nautical Chart Manual Update for SDB
USCHC39-12C NOAA SDB Pilot Study
USCHC39-13B US-Canada 2016 Cooperative ECS Mapping in the Arctic