United States and Canada Hydrographic Commission (USCHC)

40th USCHC Meeting
Galveston, Texas, USA (20 March 2017)

Last update: March 13, 2018

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Document No

Document Title


Logistical Information and Draft Agenda (rev 2 - 14 Feb 2017)


List if Documents

USCHC40-1 List of Participants
USCHC40-2 Agenda
USCHC40-3A National Report - Canada
USCHC40-3Bi National Report - USA
USCHC40-04A  Action Report from USCHC39
USCHC40-04B USCHC40 Action Report from IRCC9
USCHC40-04C Brief History
USCHC40-05A  2017 Milestone Calendar
USCHC40-05B Canada and US Representation in IHO Groups
USCHC40-06A US National Charting Plan
USCHC40-06B CA Hydrography and Charting in Priority Areas
USCHC40-06C S-111 Surface Current Product Specification
USCHC40-07A External Source Data
USCHC40-07B Crowd Sourced Bathymetry Working Group Updated
USCHC40-07C NOAA New Hydro Survey Focus Areas
USCHC40-07D Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure (MSD)
USCHC40-08A Artic Charts: Cold, Hard Facts
USCHC40-08A Seabed 2030
USCHC40-08A CA Marinersí Workshop - Report on Future of the Paper Chart
USCHC40-08B Understanding the Shape of the Sea Floor
USCHC40-09A International Joint Commissionís Lake Champlain-Richelieu River Study
USCHC40-09B Unmanned Systems Roadmap
USCHC40-09C CHC Automated Hydrographic Surface Vehicles (AHSV)
USCHC40-09D Portable Multi-Beam Echo Sounder Trials
USCHC40-10 IHO Assembly Preparations
USCHC40-11A IHO Secretariat Report
USCHC40-11B France - SHOM Report
USCHC40-11C UKHO Report