IHO Colours and Symbols Maintenance Working Group (CSMWG)

18 th CSMWG Meeting
7th to 9th  May 2008 (Cape Town, South Africa)
[including a combined TSMAD-CSMWG Meeting on 7 May]

Last update: janvier 06, 2009

Post Meeting Documents: [Minutes] - [Photos] 

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Document Title

CSMWG18-01A List of Meeting Documents
CSMWG18-01B List of Participants
CSMWG18-01C Members and Contacts of CSMWG
CSMWG18-01D Logistical information from SANHO
CSMWG18-02A Agenda
CSMWG18-04.1A Final Minutes of CSMWG-17, Stavanger, 2007
CSMWG18-04.2A S-52, App.2 Ed. 3.4
CSMWG18-04.3A S-64 e1.1 - ENC3.1.1 Test Data Sets – Instruction Manual
CSMWG18-04.3B (zip) S-64 e1.1 – ENC3.1.1 Test Data Sets
CSMWG18-04.3C (zip) S-64 e1.1 – ENC3.1.1 & PL3.4 Test Data Plots
CSMWG18-05.1A SLOGRD display issues (SANHO)
CSMWG18-05.2A SMCFAC display issues (SANHO)
CSMWG18-05.3A Suggested fixes for 'no symbol objects' (Mike Eaton)
CSMWG18-05.4A Impact of S-100 'IHO Geospatial Standard for Hydrographic Data'
CSMWG18-05.5B S-101 Portrayal relations to S-100 Portrayal
CSMWG18-05.5C (zip) S-100 Symbol Package (Pol Le Bihan)
CSMWG18-05.6A Results of S-101 Workshop affecting CSMWG
CSMWG18-06.1.1A  S-52 Chart Presentation Bulletins (CPB)
CSMWG18-06.2.2A Reproduction of Colour palettes on LCD displays
CSMWG18-06.2.2B CRT versus LCD
CSMWG18-06.2.2C Night Colour Tables with LCD Displays
CSMWG18-11.1A Paper on the need for a picturial guide on ECDIS symbology